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  • Olive oil from spain



    Teruel is ham, olive, saffron and many other things that we do not yet know but that we will know in the presentation of our product line. The origin of the olive in Teruel is very broad, olive trees of millennial origin, the oldest in Spain.

    Teruel makes it very recognized by the empeltre olive, type of olive that would be introduced by the Greeks, and which is very important in the Bajo Aragón , where is the highest oil olive production next to the Matarraña.

    Characteristics of the growing area

    Crops the area of ​​olive trees of the Aragon lowland consists of an area of ​​more than 37,000 hectares distributed throughout the area of ​​Lower Aragon

    • Average density of 70 olive trees per hectare
    • Composed the appellation of origin for 77 municipalities, included between the zone of Teruel and Zaragoza
    • Varieties of oliva empeltre, arbequina and royal

    Buy oil olive of denomination of origin

    When buying olive oil of denomination of origin we must take into account a number of factors.

    The olive oil of denomination of origin of the Bajo Aragón refers to the whole process of cultivation, processing and packaging within the region of Bajo Aragón, but the difference with respect to Other oils  olive are found in color, appearance and taste, a very yellow color, with a clean appearance, no impurities and also a smooth and fluid taste.

    Zones Where is olive oil?

    Olive oil in Teruel is located in two regions, mainly , in the region of Matarraña , being one of the most important towns Calaceite , and in the region of Bajo Aragón , where the number of Arbequina olives is immense, a region what has it been doing for hundreds of years this economy, where many families subsist.

    Buying virgin olive oil is one of the best investments in health 

    Teruel is one of the capitals of Spain where more is looking to boost the agri-food economy, thanks to Teruel has various factors , you can find many types of products that many people do not know, one of them is the olive oil from the Aragón basin, a pleasure with which to cook, and that your knowledge is not known even knowing that it is coming to Italy from the hand of certain products, a oil cataloged by the oldest in Spain.

    Buying olive oil is expensive, but it is profitable, since the properties that the olive gives to the meals makes us achieve a great balance in the Mediterranean diet . So do not hesitate to buy quality oil.

  • Spanish saffron



    The saffron from Teruel is still one of the great unknown products outside of Teruel, a product that would represent an important economic source in the area of ​​the Jiloca region many years ago. being important in Teruel, and is currently returning to resume in order to enhance their development among the youngest, the Jiloca region holds a conference in October where they indicate everything related to saffron.

    Characteristics of the cultivation area

    Cultivation occurs in the area of ​​the Jiloca region, an area that 30 years ago It was one of the most producing saffron in Spain.

    • Around 8 hectares
    • Saffron Jiloca is a very exploitation limited despite your knowledge, you can get around 7kg of saffron

    Characteristics of the saffron of Jiloca

    In order to make known all products of Teruel, Teruel tastes, reveals the saffron of Jiloca, a crop that is resuming and has the following peculiarities:

    • The saffron from Jiloca is planted during the months of July, August and September with the purpose of harvesting at the end of October.
    • Harvesting saffron is hard work, and you should pick up the saffron rose one by one, all this is transported through wicker baskets .
    • You pass to the roast of saffron where the complete loss of moisture will be sought, at this time is where the color is won, the authentic red gold

    Areas where saffron is grown in Teruel

    The saffron of Teruel is especially understood in the region del Jiloca , however, actions are being taken to return it to the area of ​​lower Aragón, it is a dry farming , so these areas are conducive for it. 

  • Elaborated of Duck



    The Jiloca area returns to share another table, and this time with the foie and confit, products from French cuisine that have been retaken in order to show that everything is not French.

    Characteristics of duck products

    The duck products that are so precious on the market that they are not appreciated in the sense, it is curious but it is real, the duck products have always been associated with French cuisine, which is true but it has always been seen as a product for a certain section of the population, which is not the case, savoring the products in our Mediterranean cuisine is synonymous with quality, products that today like the foie, and the confit is very popular in salads and different dishes

    Areas where the duck products are made

    The duck products are located in the area of ​​the region of Jiloca, in Santa Eulalia, our eagerness to make known the products that are made in Teruel, made us contact them that have a great duck production , and great quality.

    Buy duck confit

    Degusta Teruel decides to promote the consumption of duck, a consumption that is questioned by what represents the elaborated duck, but that every day is more fashionable. In Teruel tastes you can find from foie, steaks, confit and various products all packed.

    Degusta Teruel delicatessen products that together at Teruel ham and deer and pork sausages are references in our online store.

    ** NOTE **

    If you would like fresh products, let us know and we will contact our producers to make any type of shipment and to try these wonderful products.

  • Charcuterie



    The origin of the sausages is millennial , it is said that more than 3000 ac is known, not However, it is not known exactly when it was introduced in the Mediterranean diet , it would be from the industrial revolution where it starts to work more seriously the sausages for later marketing

    Characteristics of Degusta Teruel sausages

    Degusta Teruel sausages are treated by artisan hands who look for the craftsmanship of their products with the correct preparation and drying.

    Bronchales water we add the best deer and the best pigs in the area, make it possible to obtain high quality products, deer sausages represent the brand of Degusta Teruel , with 50% raw material, and with various inducements such as the truffle , boletus , fine herbs and pepper , to this we must add the importance of salt and various condiments that make the palate enjoy.

    Buy artisan sausages from Teruel

    The great variety of sausages in Degusta Teruel makes many doubt about what to choose, which is the best, but we have our favorites;) and is that there will always be some that stand out from the rest, a sausage that stands out and is the best selling is the longaniza de Aragón , longaniza curad and well received by consumers, apart from this product, sausages with truffles and boletus are making themselves present every day more in the Mediterranean diet. However, in Degusta Teruel , you can find, sausage, fuet, chorizo, sausage and many other things. The drying height of these products is very high so the healing has great quality.

  • Spanish ham



    Talking about Teruel , is talking about ham. The first ham from Spain that would get the denomination of origin, recognition that would get in 1984. The ham of Teruel is formed by the large white races (female) and duroc (male) at a minimum of 900m, the natural drying process ends up being optimal for the good taste of Teruel ham.

    What are the peculiarities of the ham of denomination of origin

    • The ham of Teruel of denomination must have the following considerations

    Pigs coming from Teruel

    • Both for rearing and fattening, life time of 8 to 9 months
    • Healing will be at an altitude of 900 meters , taking into account various weather factors
    • races will be taken into account Commented, both the female large white and the father duroc
    • The healing time will be around 16 months

    Buy ham of Teruel of denomination of origin

    When buying a ham of Teruel of denomination of origin we must take into account these 4 factors indicated by the advice from Designation of origin of Teruel , however, we also explain them here:

    • Vítola numerada , this badge surrounds the hoof and indicates the trazabiilidad of the process of each piece
    • Conservation of the hoof
    • Fire star, Normally it is located near the hoof and is 8 points.
    • Traceability code

    Areas where Teruel ham is cured and reared

    Teruel ham concentrates on the zones of Matarraña, gudar- javalambre, maestrazgo, community of Teruel and the zone of Jiloca , all these zones work the quality of the ham of Teruel, from the birth of the pig until its slaughter and healing, the whole process is worked from fattening, until the ham is cured.

    With a great number of dryers hams that we can find distributed in the province of Teruel.

    Buying ham from Teruel, is buying one of the best white-legged hams

    Teruel , synonymous with ham, synonymous with good eating, calls into question the curing of ham, being a quality ham that is produced. The ham of Teruel is declared as one of the most important hams in Spain, this unique ham due to its natural drying is tasted by many people who indicate that the thermal differences are very profitable to get a ham of great quality.

    In many parts of Spain the ham is a reference, but few have the perfect conditions for a correct curing, logically, Teruel takes advantage of the Gudar and Javalambre saws to achieve distinction within of quality.

    If you want to know more about the ham of Teruel can ask us the doubts that they have, that difficult many times to find a ham according to the palate of oneself, but in Degusta Teruel, we will help you and advise you in the choice of your ham.

    Although for home recommendation , do not fail to try the Designation of origin sticker and the female ham

  • Truffle of Teruel


    Teruel is a province located in the autonomous community of Aragón, this province is bordered by the provinces: Tarragona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Guadalajara, Cuenca and Castellón.

    That location and its climate makes it ideal for growing certain products or for curing cured ham from Teruel.

    History of the black truffle

    The history of black truffles can be traced back to a history of more than 15,000 years and it is said that the noble classes of the different eras until today were already used as a sign of class and social level.

    The black truffle dates back many years and it is that it is the Mediterranean countries that have this famous mushroom, countries like Spain, Greece and Italy already have writings on this mushroom of the nobility of each country and in many writings already It talks about the use of truffles as a food enhancer in various dishes and the use of it for different cures or treatments of different times.

    It is important to note that the knowledge of the truffle was until recently non-existent since it would not be until 1940 when truffles began to be collected in the Huesca area.

    Emphasize that it would be from the year 1960 when you would get to know other production areas such as Teruel and Cuenca.

    For the Spaniards, this fungus has gone unnoticed until the 1990s, where truffle production began to be promoted in Spain.

    Winter truffle

    It is the best known truffle in Teruel, and it is the most economically appreciated truffle since its market price can be quite high.

    This truffle is the so-called Teruel black truffle, and called in Latin as tuber melanosporum.

    This truffle is collected in the months of December, January and February, mainly in the Sarrión area. This truffle gives off a very intense smell, the color of it is a dark black color and inside it is branched in white colors.

    This fungus is of different sizes (usually between 5cm in diameter and 15cm), and there are many factors such as rain, weather, overflow, or other factors for its production. The fact that it occurs is due to the enzymes or oak trees. This fungus is collected thanks to the work of dogs trained for them, trained pigs or the good connoisseurs according to the terrain and various factors of the insects that inhabit the environment know perfectly find or locate this type of fungus, which we remember, lives among the roots of enzymes and oaks.

    Summer truffle

    This truffle is called the little sister of the tuber melanosporum , and it is that this truffle despite having similar characteristics to size, we have them in terms of characteristics.

    It is called in Latin tuber aestivium , and the differences are internal, inside it looks more fleshy than black truffle, but on the outside it looks similar.

    The collection time of this fungus is made between the months of May and August, reaching its quotations to be 1/4 less than the price of its older sister, the black truffle.

    Aspects to highlight so that the price is lower, has to do with the characteristics, smell and taste that summer truffle has, since this truffle gives off a less intense smell and is a much less potentiator in meals than the black truffle of Teruel, in addition to the greater ease to find it, since in summer this type of fungus is closer to the surface in its collection of what is the winter truffle, with what that its collection is facilitated.

    Buy winter and summer truffle

    In this section you can buy winter and summer truffles, fresh, canned or infused with other products.

    To be clear about the approach, all the product you can buy in this section is made and produced in Teruel.

  • Spanish cheese



    The origin of the cheese is millennial, it will be between 3000 and 8000 BC where cheese begins to be talked about as such, cheese is a staple in the Mediterranean diet and its use in the gastronomy has spread a lot.

    Characteristics of cheeses

    The Degusta Teruel cheeses are handmade cheeses, selecting the best artisans of Teruel with a lot of priority and work, cheese factories such as the Sierra de Albarracin, the cheese factory of Rodenas and the cheese factory of Tronchón, strong> you are recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of their cheeses, cheese making like Albarracín has received many awards highlighting the world cheese awards international awards that place them back in first p osition of the most awarded cheese factories in Spain. The cheeses of Degusta Teruel, are cheeses from sheep's milk and goat's milk, they are high quality cheeses, and it has that artisan point that characterizes them. The famous Tronchón cheese which continues to have a great impact due to its shape and taste.

    Buy artisan cheeses from Teruel

    The cheeses of Teruel stand out for their quality, the quality of the curdled milk makes the sheep or goat cheese of high quality, animals bred in Teruel and that provide quality in the raw material.

  • Spanish wine

    The vino de Teruel , comes from the maestrazgo

    Grapes grenache , tempranillo and syrad

    A wine that conveys sympathy, and that

    has an incredible taste, we have wines

    of quality, wines of great artisans.

    We work with companies looking for the

    quality and taste of Teruel wine.

    Try our vino rex deus , a wine

    with a sweet flavor that will leave open-mouthed.

    These wines have great potential because

    to large vineyards of the maestrazgo , these

    vineyards contribute a lot to be a wine of

    category to have in your wine bar .

  • Products with spelled

    What is spelled? Eat spelled healthily


    Spelled (Triticum spelta) is a grain less known and much older than its modern cousin, wheat (Triticum aestivum). The spelled is estimated to be more than 7000 years old 

    However, in the nineteenth century, after the rapid evolution of modern agricultural techniques, it stopped cultivating, as it turned out to be an unprofitable cereal for farmers, due to its high production cost 

    The spelled nowadays it is recovering and it is being strengthened a lot from good nutrition and healthy diets


    1. Spelled has a nutritional value much higher than wheat 

    • Spelled has not undergone as many genetic modifications as wheat
    • The spelled keeps many qualities due to its null genetic alteration, one of them is its easy digestion and its anti-inflammatory power.
    • The percentage of proteins is 15% but it is not the percentage that defines it, it is the amount of amino acids it has, in total it has 8 amino acids that make spelled a product with proteins of high biological quality.
    • The fiber of the spelled is an ideal fiber for diabetic and ideal against constipation, currently Used a lot for high level athletes and especially for low calorie diets. These diets are recommended because of the mineral content of the product, since iron and zinc stand out as sources of energy.
    • Spelled contains vitamins B, E and A

    2. Spelled is more digestive than another type of cereal 

    Spelled has gluten so it is not recommended for celiac although the volume of gluten is negligible. 

    • Spelled gluten has a different molecular composition than modern wheat gluten, being more fragile and soluble in water. However, wheat gluten does not break down in water, and when it works it becomes stronger. Spelled gluten, which is more fragile, breaks easily into pieces during chewing and the mixing action, allowing enzymes and acids secreted during the digestive process to work more easily.
    • Modern wheat was modified to eliminate the outer shell, thereby achieving a much faster and more productive harvest by farmers. By not having this shell, modern wheat developed inhibitors of the enzyme to fight against pests. These enzyme inhibitors further delay the activity of the enzyme that is needed for complete digestion.
    • Spelled, with a hard outer shell, does not need inhibitors of the enzyme, so its digestion is easier.
    • Spelled has more fiber content than wheat, which results in a better digestion of gluten.

    3. The spelled is proof of low temperatures 

    Due to the characteristics of the spelled, the cultivation of this cereal does not need any type pesticide as it holds very well pests, diseases and even herbicides , this product can be planted in any field, since it is a product that does not need large amount of fertilizer to grow. This product has been highly valued in the mountainous areas of Spain, since it resists cold winters very well, especially in Teruel, where temperatures tend to be below zero on most winter nights.

  • Gourmet preserves

    The best gourmet products of Teruel, the gourmet product line includes products of all kinds of the most select gastronomically speaking of the province of Teruel


Yes Yes, you're here, in Teruel tasting to buy the best handmade products and typical of the province of Teruel!