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  • Deep fuet
    Deep fuet

    Deep fuet from the Sierra de AlbarracĂ­n Deer lovers can not miss the...

    2,30 €
  • Deer Chorizo
    Deer Chorizo

    Authentic deer sausage from the Sierra de AlbarracĂ­n, made with great...

    3,79 €
  • Foie gras block with black truffle
    Bloc of truffled foie gras

    Bloc of truffled foie gras Bloc de foie gras with one of the most star...

    14,50 €
  • Truffled deer sausage
    Truffled deer sausage

    Truffled deer sausage from the Sierra de Albarracin

    5,50 €
  • Sausage with cured boletus
    Sausage with boletus

    Sausage with boletus One of the pleasures of Degusta Teruel

    4,35 €
  • saucisse d'AragĂłn
    Sausage from Aragon

    Sausage from Aragon One of the best sausages on the market, take...

    3,85 €
  • Sweet spanish chorizo
    Sweet chorizo

    Sweet chorizo The sweet chorizo of Degusta Teruel that will leave you...

    3,95 €
  • Fuet de ciervo Sierra de AlbarracĂ­n
    Deer fuet pepper

    Deer fuet pepper Deer lovers can not miss the best bronchales deer sausage.

    2,55 €


Craft beers from Teruel


Little is known about the craft beers that are in Teruel, but it is true that every day is getting to know these small places where they are dedicated to craft limited edition beers and is that For a long time it is the fashion to make craft beers at home, but it would come in 1970 when a non-existent business model would be established in Spain, and that it would begin in various parts of Spain.

Characteristics of Degusta Teruel artisan beers

The characteristics of Degusta Teruel craft beers is that it comes from a producer very committed to the rural environment, which began in 2011 by relying on the water of the Teruel mountains, a water of the highest quality, and which will be the strong raw material that will stand out in the beers.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items