The serrano ham is one of the most common foods in the Mediterranean diet, knowing the calories that the serrano ham has, in addition to knowing if it fattens or not
The price of black truffles ranges between 500 and 1500 euros. This price is related to the amount of rainfall, climate, altitude and cold where they proliferate, having Teruel as a reference product of world black truffle
The pig is an animal widely used for Spanish cuisine, the different breeds of pork, allow us to produce both Iberian ham and Serrano ham

What can be eaten during pregnancy?

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Eat in a balanced and correct way is essential during pregnancy, and is that you can not consume any product due to the risk of contracting diseases for the embryo such as listeria or toxoplasmosis
The stages of ham preparation comprise different processes; from fattening, salting, settling stage, elimination of surface salt, and the drying and curing process.
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