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Truffle of Teruel 



Teruel is a province located in the autonomous community of Aragón, this province is bordered by the provinces: Tarragona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Guadalajara, Cuenca and Castellón.

That location and its climate makes it ideal for growing certain products or for curing cured ham from Teruel.

History of the black truffle

The history of black truffles can be traced back to a history of more than 15,000 years and it is said that the noble classes of the different eras until today were already used as a sign of class and social level.

The black truffle dates back many years and it is that it is the Mediterranean countries that have this famous mushroom, countries like Spain, Greece and Italy already have writings on this mushroom of the nobility of each country and in many writings already It talks about the use of truffles as a food enhancer in various dishes and the use of it for different cures or treatments of different times.

It is important to note that the knowledge of the truffle was until recently non-existent since it would not be until 1940 when truffles began to be collected in the Huesca area.

Emphasize that it would be from the year 1960 when you would get to know other production areas such as Teruel and Cuenca.

For the Spaniards, this fungus has gone unnoticed until the 1990s, where truffle production began to be promoted in Spain.

Winter truffle

It is the best known truffle in Teruel, and it is the most economically appreciated truffle since its market price can be quite high.

This truffle is the so-called Teruel black truffle, and called in Latin as tuber melanosporum.

This truffle is collected in the months of December, January and February, mainly in the Sarrión area. This truffle gives off a very intense smell, the color of it is a dark black color and inside it is branched in white colors.

This fungus is of different sizes (usually between 5cm in diameter and 15cm), and there are many factors such as rain, weather, overflow, or other factors for its production. The fact that it occurs is due to the enzymes or oak trees. This fungus is collected thanks to the work of dogs trained for them, trained pigs or the good connoisseurs according to the terrain and various factors of the insects that inhabit the environment know perfectly find or locate this type of fungus, which we remember, lives among the roots of enzymes and oaks.

Summer truffle

This truffle is called the little sister of the tuber melanosporum , and it is that this truffle despite having similar characteristics to size, we have them in terms of characteristics.

It is called in Latin tuber aestivium , and the differences are internal, inside it looks more fleshy than black truffle, but on the outside it looks similar.

The collection time of this fungus is made between the months of May and August, reaching its quotations to be 1/4 less than the price of its older sister, the black truffle.

Aspects to highlight so that the price is lower, has to do with the characteristics, smell and taste that summer truffle has, since this truffle gives off a less intense smell and is a much less potentiator in meals than the black truffle of Teruel, in addition to the greater ease to find it, since in summer this type of fungus is closer to the surface in its collection of what is the winter truffle, with what that its collection is facilitated.

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To be clear about the approach, all the product you can buy in this section is made and produced in Teruel.