Ecological pork shoulder

Ecological pork shoulder

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Weight: 5kg - 5.5kg

Serrano ham shoulder with ecological seal.

Handcrafted product.

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The hams are salted with just the right amount of new salt and remain stabilized or post-salted for a minimum period. The separation between organic and conventional product is maintained until the end of the process.

Ecological shoulders and hams are dried "01 natural", or open window, taking advantage of the cold and dry high mountain climate (1345 meters of altitude) and the aromatic richness that the pine forest leaves in the clean air.

The seasons go by slowly. Days with strong temperature contrasts are essential, and their effects are inimitable for human control. Our know-how, which gives the characteristic bouquet 01 Casa Conejos ham, consists in taking advantage of the wisdom of the area and our own experience, to monitor and care for the hams in harmony with nature.


  • Healing : 14 months
  • Origin : White pig
  • Piece with hoof and bark
  • Weight : 4.5kg - 5.5kg
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