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Knowing how to cut ham is an art. An art that causes the flavor to melt on our palate, be explored by our taste buds and let us enjoy this wonderful delicacy.

In this post, we are going to provide you with some techniques so that you yourselves, from your home, are able to learn this art. Although, before we start, let's recap a bit of history and learn about the origin of the ham cut.


To everyone's surprise, it was in 1964 when Ángel González Sastre (forerunner of the Gondíaz company) decided to start cutting the ham into slices instead of blocks, which was how they used to do it. With this change of cut, the author got the consumer to experience the texture and flavor of ham at its best. For this reason, the public immediately accepted it, and in a short period of time, this new type of cut spread throughout the territory.
Over time, the figure of the “Master Cutter” appeared in our society. More and more contests have been appearing to find the best ham slicer and to be able to find the best cut, which allows us to appreciate the different qualities of the product.

Although you may not be able to compete professionally in this art, you can certainly surprise your family and friends with a good plate of freshly cut ham.They will surely love it! LET'S BEGIN!

the HAM Cut

First of all, and very important, is to choose a quality ham, which comes from trusted suppliers, which feed the pigs with the best food and which live in optimal conditions. If the raw material is well cared for and well treated, surely we are right with the product that we are going to consume.

We must prepare a quality ham, in this case our ham will be from Teruel, the knives will be from Arcos (Albacete) and the ham holder will be a gift from a great friend.

The ham with which we will start will be a Serrano ham from Teruel, and we must take various factors into account:

  • curation time
  • type of ham
  • fat level

It is important to take this into account since we must start with a ham that contains enough fat so that the cutting of the ham is as easy as possible, the curing time is very important, since an overly cured ham will make the cut difficult. more difficult than usual.

Secondly, you must choose the material to proceed with the cutting of the ham. You will need a ham holder to hold the piece firmly, a sharpener and a ham knife, which allows you to cut the ham without applying much pressure. With little material you can do wonders!

The knife must be a ham knife, very sharp, and the ham holder must be of high quality so that the ham does not move when it is cut.


Once the piece has been chosen and the material prepared, you can proceed to cutting. The ham
has to be placed firmly in the ham holder and this has to be at a height at which you do not have to make large movements, that is, you have to be comfortable.
Furthermore, avoiding movements will also prevent cuts or injuries that the task may cause.
Next, you have to peel the ham; It means that the skin and the outer fat that covers it have to be carefully removed. This step is relevant and must be carried out carefully as it can ruin the slice of ham. Both the fat and the skin that cover the ham have a rancid taste, which is not pleasant at all.

It should be noted that, in the event that the ham is not going to be consumed on the same day, it is< br />It is recommended to remove the skin and fat as it is consumed, as this prevents it from drying out and maintains its qualities.
The next step is to cut the ham in slices parallel to each other, and always in the opposite direction to the hoof. Remember, the best slice is one that is almost transparent and not very long. Thus, the flavor and aroma of the ham will be tasted.
When you finish with the central area and the hips of the ham and you find areas with more bone, avoid cutting slices. It is advisable to cut the ham into cubes and take advantage of it as an appetizer along with some croutons, or even for the broth.Don't forget, everything is used of the ham!


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Finally, the presentation of the dish is a key point. The first thing your guests will see is that plate full of slices of ham, well arranged, one next to the other, perhaps simulating a flower or anything else that comes to mind. Let your imagination run wild! But, always try to make the dish elegant and well presented, surely then you will be closer to success.

Accompany the ham with a few pieces of bread with olive oil, serve grated tomato separately

for those who prefer to consume it… and you will already have some exquisite Teruel Delights!

Ham is an extraordinary food, which is used from its meat to the last bone. For many of us, it is a delight to the palate... So do not hesitate to learn the art of cutting ham, since freshly cut ham is exquisite. You know, choose a quality piece, prepare the material and... surprise everyone with some slices of ham!

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