Serrano hams

Serrano hams cured at more than 1000 altitude. Made with duroc and landrade meat, naturally cured in the province of Teruel.

white leg hams

White leg hams are par excellence Serrano hams, Serrano ham comes from different breeds fed through feed in fattening farms.

White leg hams have a much lower price in the market than Iberian hams, in Spain the consumption of pata blanca ham leads the consumption of ham.


In the Serrano hams you can see the different hams:

1.- Bodega ham: Ham cured for 14 months, normally Duroc breed. 

2.- Reserve Ham: Ham cured for 18 months, from the Duroc or Landrade breed. More amount of accumulated fat.

3.- Gran Reserva Ham: Ham cured for more than 20 months, coming mainly from the Duroc breed. It is the ham with the most infiltrated fat.

4.- Female ham: Ham from the female, they say it is one of the juiciest hams in existence. This ham comes mostly from the large white breed.

5.- Ham shoulder: The ham shoulder is the front part of the pork, being one of the juiciest. It can be of different breeds intended for serrano ham.

Igp and dop serrano ham from Spain


Serrano ham has a designation of origin for serrano ham, the Teruel ham and also has two protected geographical indications, the protected geographical indication of Trevelez and Serón.

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