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Acorn-fed Iberian ham and bait, 50%. Iberico ham, 50% Iberico ham. High quality dried products in Teruel, at an altitude of 1300m

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Iberian ham has a series of characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the hams. The classic distinction of pata negra, referring to the hoof, is not entirely infallible, since there are many purebred pigs that do not have this chromaticity on their hoof. For this reason, from the outside, you have to look more at the composition of the leg than its color.

Iberian pig legs are longer and more stylized than those of other cured hams. Mainly the infiltration of fat in the muscle stands out, that particular way in which it manifests itself in the meat once it is cured.

In Degusta Teruel we contemplate a space in our catalog for this gastronomic jewel, thus already in the form of a leg or sliced, you will find acorn-fed Iberian ham and bait race 50%. Certified Iberian hams, products made in Teruel and dried in conditions similar to those of our best Serrano hams, cured at an altitude of 1300 meters in one of the drying rooms oldest in the province.

Iberian hams online

Within the Iberian breed, it should be noted that there are variations in the market . And it is not necessary for both parents of the pig to be Iberian for their qualities to appear reflected in the breeding.

  • Ham 50% Iberian breed : it is obtained from pigs with a single Iberian parent, which is generally the mother.

  • Ham 75% Iberian breed: it is that which comes from a 100% Iberian mother and another 50 progenitor %.

  • Ham 100% Iberian breed: is obtained from a pig with both parents of pure Iberian breed. It is often referred to as "black leg".

Iberian hams online

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Food is essential when it comes to enhancing the qualities of Iberian ham. That is why our producers carefully work the growth processes of the pigs accompanied by the optimal feeding for them. Thus, our Iberian hams are made with pigs fed with natural products and with acorn feed during the fattening period.

The innate ability of the Iberian pig to infiltrate fat into the muscle is what makes its diet reflect on the texture and aroma of its meat once cured.

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At this point, we will distinguish that bait feeding is not the same as the Iberian field fed. The pigs that attend the fattening category are those whose fattening period in adulthood is produced with feed. On the other hand, those who receive the nomenclature of field bait are those who do the montanera although their diet does not have an acorn-based basis.