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The time has come to present what they wanted, a project that will talk about the gourmet, delicatessen, artisan, gluten-free, lactose-free and quality Spanish products, and all of them come from Teruel, a province located in Aragón and with a powerful gastronomic movement.

And everything ...... Why we love Tasting quality Spanish products!

Savor a good cheese, taste a good wine, taste a good ham, try a good saffron, gobble up some good sausages, eat a good duck, drink some good beers, taste good preserves, take care of a good spelled paste .



Cheese, who has not tried it? Cured cheese, semi-cured, aged, fresh. Savoring a good cheese is to understand everything that it has behind, its ripening or healing process, raw or pasteurized milk, the handmade model with which it is made. We are lovers of cheese and we also want you to be. Our desire for cheese is extensive, understanding the whole process of production, its taste, its taste (intense or soft) everything takes a while and so the ​​Albarracin cheese factory .

And to understand cheeses is also to talk about cheese cured rodenas, quality artisan cheeses and we know that the world of cheeses is not easy, but in front of the French, Italian and German cheeses. Our ​​ ​​ Spanish cheeses has great potential in the world of cheeses.


Talking about wine, it's talking about ​​ young wine , breeding, reserve, or large reserve. Tasting a wine is to understand aging in oak, and know if the wine is grape syrah, garnacha or tempranillo. It is to understand the marriage between wine and food, to know about wines is difficult. But tasting a good wine is also good.

Thus Spanish wines have their reference in the international market, there are different denominations of origin or PGI around all Spanish geography.

We seek the support of our people, and we find it talking with wineries crial we fall in love with their way of understanding the culture of wine and everything related to it


Iberian, serrano, bait, recebo, and one without particularities that surround the world of ham. The ham is a food that coexists every day in our culture, the ​​ ​​Teruel ham , Extremadura ham, Andalusian ham , of Salamanca, etc. The ham has different varieties depending on its cure and nutrition, ham, DOP ham , gran reserva ham, organic ham. Tasting a good ham is to everyone's taste, but we are in favor of tasting the Serrano ham with the first designation of origin, the Teruel ham

Races like duroc, landrade are partakers of Serrano ham that every day fills our sandwiches at lunch.Serrano ham of quality and with pleasure.


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, so much so that in some places you pay more than 5000 euros per kilo. That is why saffron is a great value in cuisine, irreplaceable in paellas and in many stews. The saffron is collected flower by flower, and is that during the months of September and October this flower is picked, later it is debrided and goes to roast where it is left that red color, also commonly called red gold.

That's why we have ​​ the best valued saffron in the world , and that thanks to our producers every day we learn more about this.


The mondongo and the traditional "matapuerco", who does not know it? able to spend days making traditionally our sausages. That's how we think, in an artisanal way. Chorizos, sausages, sausages and fuet that always accompany us in our vermouth and that we have very hand in hand.

Natural or smoke curing, pork or deer sausages, endless features that make the raw material and healing essential to obtain  ​​quality artisan sausages .

The Spanish sausages, so demanded nowadays and that puts in situation the character of our gastronomy, wide and very varied.