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Enjoy the best Spanish gourmet products online, products from the province of Teruel, made by the best hands of artisans. Aware of the need to empower the people, by enhancing their good taste, that is why this brand, Degusta Teruel, was born. A brand committed to quality Spanish food online, with the values ​​that come from the Spanish rural environment, values ​​of quality, sustainability and good work.

Gourmet products, for a long time, have been seen as the exclusivity of a well-defined sector of the population. Luckily, in our online store, you have gourmet products at low prices, for any type of audience. When we use the word gourmet, we do not attend to exclusivity or a high price, but to a careful choice and high standards in the processes of harvesting the raw material and preparing the final product. As an online gourmet store, at Degusta Teruel we intend to bring the best of the land to our clients' homes. Bring the haute cuisine´s delicatessen and gastronomy of the area to the home.

We work with trusted farmers and producers from all over the province of Teruel and its surroundings. In our products you can see traditional recipes that have been maintained despite the technological advances that the years have brought. The final result of our offer is in the hands of experts.

Our selection is the subject of presents and gifts for events such as weddings, baptisms and communions. We make gift baskets with carefully chosen lots in which we cover the gastronomic and cultural spectrum of our land. We offer baskets and lots at all prices, you will find the one that best suits the occasion. Gifts to share with your loved ones with a value that goes beyond the tangible.

Our objectives go beyond the peninsula, which is why we ship to all European Union. In this way, making flavors, nuances and aromas of our land, they cross borders. Thus contributing to the richness and value of our gastronomic culture.

This is how you will find the coveted black truffle, highlighting the genuine tuber melanosporum, harvested in winter, from Teruel is the region with the highest production in Spain, and one of the largest exporters in the world. You will find it fresh and canned, both used in cooking for its unique flavor and aroma.

The gold of the Mediterranean could not be missing, which is olive oil. Specifically, we have olive oil with the Protected Designation of Origin of Bajo Aragón. Emphasizing the empeltre olive that you will also find in our catalog. We collaborate with initiatives such as Apadrina un Olivo, a sign of our commitment and concern about the origin of our products.

Saffron is one of the most valued spices in the world, and at Degusta Teruel we are fortunate to be able to offer the prestigious saffron from Jiloca, with enviable international value.

Ham is the shield of Spanish gastronomy, and one of our star products in which we are especially careful with its selection. So you can buy Serrano and Iberian ham cured at an altitude of more than 1,300 meters.

In the dairy field, at Degusta Teruel we advocate for artisan cheeses. We are especially concerned about the process of making these from the origin of the raw material to its production phases. Cheese is a food with a lot of weight in Spanish gastronomic culture. Among these we highlight those made in the Sierra de Albarracín, awarded the best international awards.

Wines with unique tastes and nuances using different internationally recognized grapes such as: Syrah, Merlot and Garnacha, among others.

Very influenced by French cuisine, in Spain they have developed their own recipes for the production of duck products. In our catalog we emphasize confit, rillets and duck foie used worldwide as a starter in select restaurants and added to many haute cuisine recipes. On the other hand, we also work with products made from other animals, with the result of artisan sausages of both pork and deer, combined with mushrooms and truffles, achieving an even more distinguished taste.

We recently bet on promoting the purchase of nougat. This sweet so present in Spanish festivities that, maintaining its traditional formats and varieties, is open to as many types as tastes. Thus we choose between the most traditional and emblematic recipes of the Levant, as well as the new pralines whose flavors exceed the imagination.

We do not forget traditions and in the field of bakery and baking we look for quality pastas, breads and other sweets that meet those quality standards. Handcrafted, where you can appreciate that uniqueness that in Degusta Teruel we want to share, such as the aroma that persists on the palate in truffle chocolates. We highlight the Villastar bakery products, renowned throughout Teruel.


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About us?

Degusta Teruel is a company founded in 2017, with a clear objective, to promote nationally and internationally the products made in the province of Teruel.

It was founded by Antonio Armunia, current director of the same. Born in Villastar (Teruel), a computer scientist and being a great lover of gastronomy, he decided to take a step forward to publicize the excellence of Teruel gastronomy.

Currently, we have a catalog of more than 150 references, divided into more of 10 families, which house from the best known, such as Teruel ham and black truffle, to lesser-known products that have international recognition, such as saffron from Jiloca, those made from duck, oil from olive and many more.

We sell to all European Union countries. We are constantly working on continuous improvement of the company, so if you have objections and improvements. We are happy to assist them.

Reviews by Revi