Fresh mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms from spring, autumn and winter seasons. Collected in the mountains of the maestrazgo.


Fresh mushrooms are one of the great luxuries of the kitchen, so much so that their consumption is increasing. Both mushrooms harvested in spring and those harvested in autumn are mushrooms with great demand in the market.

Things to keep in mind before buying mushrooms:

1.- Select a trusted supplier.

2.- Know the traceability of the product.

3.- Evaluate that it is not a poisonous mushroom.

4.- Eat calmly and calmly, excessive consumption is harmful.


It is important to follow some guidelines when correctly preserving fresh mushrooms.

1.- Refrigerated system between 0º to 4º

It is very It is important not to break the cold chain so that the product retains the best organoleptic properties. To do this, once received, we must put them in the refrigerator in order to preserve the correct temperature.

2.- Avoid humidity

It is It is very important to avoid humidity so that the product does not rot, which is why we recommend that the mushrooms be placed on absorbent paper in order to absorb as much water as possible.

3. - Avoid washing them

Avoid washing the product since the mushroom is a product that breaks down easily with water.

4.- Cooking without humidity

For correct use in the kitchen, it is recommended to remove moisture with absorbent paper.

5.- Quick cooking or freezing

To prevent the product from becoming inedible, it is recommended to cook it quickly or freeze it.

Both ways are practical to be able to use the product at any time.

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