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Buy fresh winter, summer and fall truffles. Teruel truffle. Tuber melanosporum, tuber aestivium tuber uncinatium. Distributors and individuals. Restaurants and shops

Buy fresh truffle

At Degusta Teruel we adapt our catalog to the season, so that we make the corresponding truffle accessible from our online store with the production of the month.

Being harvested in the province of Teruel, you will find the varieties of black truffle from the different seasons:

  • Summer truffle (aestivium). From May to September.
  • Autumn truffle (uncinatum). From September to November.
  • Winter truffle (melanosporum). From mid-November to mid-March.

In this way, working directly from our producers we deliver fresh truffles to our customers in perfect condition ready to eat. All the flavor and the purest aroma of the different varieties of Teruel truffle through our online store throughout the year.

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