Serrano ham Teruel

Ham is one of the most consumed products in the Mediterranean diet, in this section, we are going to present you all cured hams in the province of Teruel, at more than 1300m of altitude. Among them, you can see hams of all kinds. Duroc ham, Gran Reserva ham, Gran Reserva ham shoulder, ham mallets, ham tips, PDO Teruel ham.

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Teruel Ham

Teruel ham is one of the best-selling Serrano hams in Spain, currently ham is exported to China, Russia, France, Belgium and many countries.

Origins of DOP Teruel ham

Talking about Teruel is talking about ham. The first Spanish ham to achieve the designation of origin, recognition that it would achieve in 1984. Teruel ham is formed by the large white (female) and duroc (male) breeds at a minimum of 900m, the natural drying process ends being optimal for the good flavor of Teruel ham.

Origins of DOP Teruel ham
Peculiarities PDO Teruel Ham

Peculiarities PDO Teruel Ham

The Teruel ham of denomination must have the following considerations:

  • Pigs from Teruel, both breeding and fattening, life time of 8 to 9 months
  • Healing will be at an altitude of 900 meters, taking into account various climate factors
  • The commented breeds will be taken into account, both the large white female and the duroc father
  • Healing time will be around 16 months

How to consume Denomination Ham?

It is important to be clear that the denomination of origin ham must be eaten sliced ​​very thinly.

With this we can better feel its properties, in addition to enriching the palate much more.

It is always advisable to consume it freshly cut, to better taste the organoleptic properties.

The flavor, its aroma, its texture, make the Teruel denomination of origin ham very important in haute cuisine.

How to consume Denomination Ham?
Buy Teruel Denomination of Origin Ham

Buy Teruel Denomination of Origin Ham

When buying a Teruel ham with a denomination of origin, we must take into account these 4 factors indicated by the Teruel denomination of origin council, however, we also explain them here:

  • Vitole numbered, this distinctive surrounds the hoof and indicates the traceability of the process of each piece.
  • Hoof preservation. 
  • Star of fire, It is normally located near the hoof and is 8 points.
  • Traceability code


Where the Teruel ham is cured

The Teruel ham is concentrated in the areas of Matarraña, gudar-javalambre, maestrazgo, the community of Teruel and the Jiloca area, all these areas work on the quality of Teruel ham, from the birth of the pig to its slaughter and curing. works the entire process from fattening to curing the ham.

With a large number of ham drying rooms that we can find distributed throughout the province of Teruel.

Where the Teruel ham is cured
White leg hams

White leg hams

Teruel synonymous with Jamón, synonymous with good eating, calls into question the curing of ham, being a quality ham that is produced. Teruel ham is declared as one of the most important hams in Spain, this unique ham due to its natural drying is enjoyed by many people who indicate that the thermal differences are very useful to obtain a high quality ham.

Ham is a reference in many parts of Spain, but few have the perfect conditions for a correct curing, logically, in Teruel the Gudar and Javalambre mountains are used to achieve a distinction within quality.

If you want to know more about Teruel ham, you can ask us any questions you may have, it is often difficult to find a ham according to one's palate, but at Degusta Teruel, we will help and advise you in choosing your ham.

Although on the recommendation of the house, do not stop trying the ham of denomination of origin and the female ham

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