Made from pork

It preserves a variety of loin, sausage and sausage. Black pudding, snout and pig's ear.

Pork Products

Complementing our selection of pork sausages, in our catalog we contemplate a space for products made from this animal, whether fresh or canned. Traditionally, both canned and made from pork meat have been a resource for the durability of the food, today we have inherited preservation methods from times in which there were no other means such as electric refrigeration. Whether by curing, spicing, embalming or other treatments, the flavor and aroma of pork products is something that is still very well received in our palate and pantry.

Even being the result of a need that does not exist today, these products have adhered to Spanish gastronomy and are consumed daily in the 21st century, for their flavor, versatility or comfort. Products of artisan tradition that are recurrent in our day to day:

  • Pig snout
  • Ear
  • Ribs
  • Longanizas
  • Loin
  • Canned pork

Canned pork

Because pork is They take advantage of even walking, in Degusta Teruel we bring home the conserves Aragonese traditional in different variations so you can choose. Canned in oil with an intense flavor. Ideal for starters, tapas or accompanied by garnish.

Always keep your Aragonese preserve in your pantry and enjoy the most traditional flavor of peasant dishes at any time.

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