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The tuber melanosporum (black winter truffle), is also known as Périgord truffle and violet truffle, for the flashes of this color that it presents in its final stage of maturation. This fungus belongs to a branch of the fungi family. It is an ascomycete fungus that share the peculiarity that they produce ascospores , that is, their spores are produced in the asci.

We are talking about a hypogeal fungus, this characteristic refers to the fact that it grows underground. It also refers to the Greek term mycorrhiza, which corresponds to the symbiotic relationships of fungi and plant roots, in which both living beings benefit.

The name of black truffle refers to its appearance when collected, which presents those dark tones. However, in its growth, the truffle goes through different colors from red to brown. Its final appearance at the optimum point presents an irregular rounded shape with a diameter between 3 and 6 centimeters, with some branches in its interior with a white tone, which also make their way into the interior of a dark color. This characteristic differs from other similar black truffle species such as the winter black truffle.


The history of the black truffle It can be traced with a history from 1500 BC, and it is said that the noble classes from different times to the present already used it as a sign of class and social level.

The black truffle dates back many years and it is the Mediterranean countries that have this famous mushroom, countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy already have written about this noble mushroom of each country and in many writings there is already talk of the use of truffles as a food enhancer in various dishes and the use of it for different cures or treatments from different times.

It is important to note that knowledge of the truffle was until recently non-existent since it would not be until 1940 when truffles began to be collected in the Huesca area.

Emphasize that it would be from the year 1960 when other production areas such as Teruel and Cuenca would be known.

For the Spanish, this fungus went unnoticed until the 1990s, when truffle production began to be promoted in Spain.


The black truffle grows in areas of Europe spontaneously. Thus we can find it in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Within Spain, those from Aragon, Alava, Asturias and the black truffle from Andalusia stand out, the quality of these being their main distinctive compared to the rest. Among all of them, it is specifically the black truffle from Teruel that enjoys the greatest prestige.

Its cultivation artificially is not easy, at least not as with other species such as the white truffle. Even so, we can find producers in Argentina, Australia, Morocco and other Eastern European countries.


The black truffle grows to a depth of 15 to 25cm , being the melanosporum truffle, the which is located at that distance, if we were talking about other varieties such as aestivium or uncinatium, we could say that the depth is less.

The truffle is a fungus that appears on the roots of trees such as holm oak , oak or holm oak , although mainly it will always be in holm oaks.

The fungus has a highly valued value, and is found in areas where specific weather conditions are met, whether of terrain or time.The soils that produce this fungus must correspond to specific particularities regarding the ph of the earth , altitude, temperature and other factors. Within these scales is the province of Teruel, the largest producer of this truffle.

It is a single crop , whose price responds to variations in the supply and demand relationship in the market on a continuous basis. Especially regarding the production and price of the black winter truffle, a truffle that is produced from the months of November to March.

Other factors must be taken into account, especially the weather. In Spain, this fungus began to be produced in the 1960s, in the provinces of Huesca, Teruel, Soria and Burgos.

Teruel is the most productive province of this fungus in the world, specifically they are determined in certain areas such as Sarrión.

This addition must be indicated that it has a lot to do with altitude of the site and winters, Teruel due to its climate with cold winters and mild summers, make it an excellent region for this type of cultivation, which is becoming more and more important every day.


Teruel is an inland region of the Peninsula Iberian. Province located in the autonomous community of Aragon, this province is bordered by the provinces: Tarragona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Guadalajara, Cuenca and Castellón.

That location and its climate , makes it ideal for growing certain products or making them. That is why it is the cradle of one of the most popular hams in the world, such as Serrano ham, with a natural cure that also uses other hams that are not native to Teruel; its climate and orography is the ideal breeding ground for black truffles, being the province of Teruel one of the largest truffle producers in the world.


The use of smell is a task that generates a lot of wear and tear on a dog and it is difficult for maintain the same intensity for an extended period of time. That is why dogs destined to search for truffles must be in optimal physical condition, in addition to having training that avoids distractions in the task. There are certain breeds of dog in which a better genetic predisposition for the detection of black truffle has been proven:

  • German Shepherd: se It is an athletic and robust dog par excellence, qualities that are highly valued for truffle harvesting.
  • Dachshund: or also known as a dog sausage, has an excellent sense of smell. It is frequently used as a hunting dog, showing calm and obedient displays. With this profile it is an easy breed to train in the search for truffles.

  • Labrador: with a docile character and great intelligence, it corresponds to a breed that lends itself to training to become a truffle dog.

  • Lagotto Romagnolo: is the well-known Roman Water Dog and perhaps the most acclaimed truffle dog. It has an excellent sense of smell and is very receptive to instructions.

  • Brittany Spaniel: This French breed has a calm character, however it is a robust dog with a lot of resistance, which makes it ideal for long games.

The list of breeds that can be truffle dogs continues, and even if it is not Such a common practice, the use of pigs and their smell is a very valuable resource when collecting truffles. There are also other methods to find them with flies and even wild boars. The latter eat truffles and are partly responsible for spreading their spores.


When buying black truffle you have to Bear in mind that the truffle is a fungus that, once harvested, remains in perfect condition for between 7 and 10 days.

It is important emphasize that the consumption must be carried out during those days.

The storage of the fungus, must be carried out at a temperature between 0 and 4 C.

Once the black truffle is received, it should be preserved in rice or paper that absorbs moisture to a greater extent, since with humidity the organoleptic qualities are lost and the fungus suffers and deteriorates.

Another way to preserve it if it is not going to be consumed is to freeze it.

Also, on many occasions, brandy or olive oil is used to preserve it correctly.


The truffle is a mushroom that is never consumed directly unless it is taken in small sheets. This mushroom is mixed with different products or dishes whose flavor and aroma are enhanced, reaching very unique nuances. It is important for many stews to be already prepared so that the truffle is applied last and does not go through an excessive cooking process.


When it comes to selling it, it is usual that the truffle is still ground. A requirement of the truffle when it comes to cooking is that it must go through a careful cleaning process before being implemented in a recipe. The truffle has to be cleaned with a brush, this should not be too hard to avoid damaging the fungus. Using the brush and cold water, we seek to remove all the remains of soil, roots, leaves and other organisms that may have adhered to its rough surface.

Once the external appearance of the truffle has been equalized, it must be dried so that it does not remain wet for a long time, for this a cloth or absorbent paper is ideal. The truffle is usually cleaned just before consumption, but it is also capable of being cold stored later.

There are also ultrasonic cleaning systems, with these the truffle. With this method, the truffle is not exposed to moisture from the water, and therefore does not need to be dried after cleaning, which means that it lasts longer.


The truffle is a very valuable culinary ally and is that nuances that are achieved thanks to its flavor and aroma, are not found in any other type of substitute. And is that not only the truffle itself is consumed, but it is used for sauces, dressings and combinations with other foods creating a very unique synergy on the palate.

  • Perigeux Sauce: This is a sauce that gets its name because it originates from the French region of Périgord. Some refer to it as black truffle sauce. There are variations to this, the original is based on the truffle, which is diced and implemented in the sauce. It is used to accompany meat.

  • Truffle risotto: maybe a one of the most popular recipes in which the mushroom is used, where the key lies in truffling the butter in the same way that the eggs would be truffled. Rice can also absorb the aroma of the truffle and help its preservation by extracting the moisture from the truffle.

  • Truffled eggs: one way to distinguish something as prosaic as a fried egg is by integrating the aroma and flavor of the truffle. This can be done prior to cooking, and the aroma can permeate the inside of the egg shell simply by keeping both products in the same closed container.

Complete recipe here


The black truffle is a mushroom and due to its form of generation it presents specific qualities ideal for the Mediterranean diet.

Being underground at extremely low temperatures, makes it present different minerals in its composition.

It is a food rich in vitamins and has a very high amount of water, therefore it is an ideal food for weight loss or poor diets.

In order to take full advantage of its nutritional values, it must be consumed fresh, without going through any cooking process.

If it is not done in this way, all organoleptic properties of the fungus are lost.


The black truffle, when it comes to fresh truffle, is a product It must be consumed within a certain period of time , because its aromatic qualities, among others, suffer early deterioration. special containers are required for their conservation and transport , and shipments are often made from the producer. For this reason, normally the consumption is made in restaurants or in homes upon request. In our truffle online store, you can find seasonal truffles at a good price. Black truffle to buy online at the best price.


How much does the truffle cost? such a simple question and at the same time so difficult to answer. Being a scarce product with a pronounced temporality, the price of truffles is constantly changing. Factors that are reflected in offer and demand must be taken into account, such as truffle production. The development of the truffle in the last months prior to harvesting is essential, and is supported by the weather that occurs. The changes in humidity and temperature in its different stages of growth are reflected in the quantity and quality of the truffles.

La tuber melanosporum , or black winter truffle, fluctuates in its price during the campaign and is highly subject to the quality of the truffles that are harvested. The price in the markets is updated weekly, conditioning each other systematically.


Finally, the price of the black truffle will be defined by the type of truffle it is, the quality of the truffle. It not only distinguishes between variants and species of truffle, but also between different qualities of truffles within the tuber melanosporum genus.

  • Extra black truffle: this category refers to regular truffles, with an approximate price of 1.000€/kg.
  • Quality chunky black truffle and small truffle: hovering around 800€/kg the truffles that are collected in this quality are smaller in size or are a piece of these.
  • Top quality black truffle: with a price that oscillates around 1.200€/kg, the distinctive feature of this truffle lies in its morphology, which is more irregular than that of the extra category.


The prices and categories mentioned are based on the premise of clean truffles, that is, that they have undergone a surface cleaning process. When the truffle is harvested, it has remains of earth, roots, leaves and other materials that adhere to it. For its consumption, it is necessary to get rid of these, among other reasons, the humidity can cause the fungus to deteriorate quickly.

Taking into account the amount of material that is discarded in cleaning, the price of dirty truffles is around €300/kg. This truffle is usually acquired by professionals and industries with experience in treating the fungus, which either through water and friction or ultrasonic cleaning, carry out this process of sanitation of the black truffle and make it suitable for consumption.

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The black truffle is rarely consumed without accompanying another dish, except in the form of thin sheets. It is important to add this product effectively to our dishes, in this way it will greatly enhance your dishes.

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