Truffle accessories

Taste the best truffle in Teruel, with a wide range of accessories, from grater, mandolin and recipe book.

Buy Accessories for truffles

The truffle is a highly valued product, it is implemented in a multitude of recipes and forms. But to get the most out of its flavor and aroma, you need to know how to handle it. On our website you will find the adequate tools to do so, as well as information in our publications and cookbook Cooking with Truffle.

Thus, once the truffle has been cleaned and depending on whether the truffle is available to grate or laminate, it is necessary to:

  • Mandolin for truffle
  • Truffle grater

Get haute cuisine tools for your kitchen, and start creating, in your home, gourmet recipes that will not stop surprising yours. Taking all the flavor out of the truffle to implement it in your dishes.

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From February to November