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Origin of Christmas lots

The tradition of giving Christmas baskets is not only Spanish, we have to go back and review all countries to realize that this tradition comes from far away.

It comes from so far away that in Roman times this position was already adopted to provide the servants with food supplies for the winter, these servants were given a wicker basket with top quality food products , which referred to his bourgeois liking at that time. 


Although it must be recognized that not all servants had a basket, it is true that it is a generalized action for the time.

christmas lot
Basket of ham, wine and sausages

Lots and baskets in Spain

Christmas is a very intense period in Spain, especially in this country where most people have emigrated to different cities more industrialized to be able to work. It should be emphasized that the fact that it is Christmas already invades us emotionally and that this implies that we have some signs of identity when we eat with ours. 


But we are going to talk a little about the history of the Christmas lots and baskets, in Spain, this tradition began to become customary from the end of the year 1898, and it is that at that time the work of public workers was rewarded, since the working conditions were very different from those of the current. 


From there, the tradition began to expand to private companies, which provided wicker baskets or Christmas batches of meat products, especially baskets of cold cuts sausages to give away, accompanied by preserves , cheeses and wine.


Above all, it is important to emphasize that this tradition is currently in use in the private sector, and not in all companies, since it is not an obligation of them. 


Let us bear in mind that not in all communities the fact of giving a basket is accentuated, if not rather, it is the east of the country and Madrid where the gift of the Christmas basket is most popular . 


Lots and Christmas baskets in the world

The tradition of Christmas baskets not only occurs in Spain, there are many countries that follow the Same line as Spain, especially Latin countries, which call them bread baskets.  

In the United Kingdom it is known as Boxing Day, and in other European countries this very common tradition is also pursued. 

Although it should be noted that Spain is the country where it is most entrenched to give its employees a basket of food. 


Family basket of sweets, ham and drinks
Basket of acorn-fed ham, cheese, sausage and wine.

Baskets and lots gifts at any time of the year

We have to make it clear that gift sets are given throughout the year, although it is true that companies give them at Christmas.

Many people decide to buy gift sets to give away in cum birthdays, saints, parties, celebrations and endless actions to show yourself differently.

Gourmet packs are undoubtedly one of the star gifts for birthdays and celebrations, and it is that, giving food is becoming very fashionable, especially gourmet and artisan food.

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