Bagged peach

Peaches from Bajo Aragón bagged. Grown in the area of ​​Calanda and Mazaleón (Teruel), with a unique way of ripening.


During the summer months, Degusta Teruel brings the best yellow peach to your home. Peaches from Bajo Aragón, specifically from the Calanda and Mazaleón area, in the province of Teruel.

You will find in our catalog peach trays with different calibers. Classified from largest to smallest depending on their dimensions:

    • 12/15/16 units per tray
    • 18 units per tray
    • 20 units per tray
    • 24 units per tray

Yellow Bagged Peach

Immaculate-looking peaches, a soft touch and flavor sweet. This is the result of a careful process whose main hallmark is the maturation of the waxed paper bag . A translucent and breathable coverage. This protection clings to the branch so that it covers the peach from pests and the weather. When it comes to harvesting the peach skin, it has such a homogeneous texture that it almost seems artificial.

With this unique ripening method, which is carried out by hand, the peach should not be exposed to chemical or pesticide treatments , preserving its natural taste. The inside of the bag generates a microclimate that provides firmness to the peach flesh as well as favoring the formation of sugar in it. A genuine product that finds its maximum exponent in its variant with Protected Designation of Origin, the Peach from Calanda .

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From February to November