Truffle Products

Made with black truffle and summer truffle, sausages, cheeses, oils and an endless number of products with black and summer truffle.

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There are few flavors that are as reminiscent of Teruel as is the taste of truffles. That is why at Degusta Teruel we make a selection of the best gourmet products of the province that include truffles in their ingredients and we reserve a special section for them in our catalog.

  • Sausages with truffle
  • Cheese with truffle
  • Oil with truffle
  • Canned duck and foie with truffle
  • Game and preserved products with truffle
  • Others

A whole variety of formats in which the aroma of the truffle is implemented, reaching unique nuances on the palate. Find products with truffle that will surprise you in our online store and enjoy all the flavor of Teruel to your liking.

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From February to November