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Wine is pleasure, happiness, sweet, bitter, aroma, cork, barrel, years ... Without a doubt, each of us has had experiences, some more joyful than others, which have ended with a toast accompanied by an exquisite wine.

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The Matarraña region, thanks to the vineyards that rest on its landscapes and with its magnificent climate, produce grapes that will later be treated to create wine. Today, various types of wines are produced, and at all prices, so that everyone can enjoy a good glass.

Wine making

Winemaking is a complex process, comprising several steps and requiring great dedication and care to obtain an optimal result. Despite having different types of wines, they all follow the same process; the only thing that differentiates them is the type of grape that will be used.

The first step is the harvest, which in Spain usually takes place between the months of September and October, which is when the grape has a suitable ripening point and from which we can squeeze all its flavor. In addition, the more ripe the grape is, the higher the sugar content it contains and the level of alcohol that the wine will have depends on this.

The next steps consist of squeezing the grape to extract all its juice and pressing the solid elements such as the pulp, skins and stalks to obtain the must. This must, through alcoholic fermentation, will turn into wine naturally. Subsequently, the wine is subjected to another fermentation (called malolatic) for 15 - 21 days to eliminate the acid taste of the wine.

Finally, the wine is placed in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks (depending on the type of wine you want to obtain) to continue with its aging and maturation.

After this process, the best wines are obtained, those that are with us in our day to day. Matarraña wines have citric notes, sweetness, intensity, passion ... These wines have a Teruel flavor, that is, an unforgettable flavor.


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