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Olive oil collected from olives of the empeltre variety, the oil offered is oil from the Bajo Aragón designation of origin. It contains the seal of differentiated food quality.

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Olive oil is one of the most important components in Mediterranean cuisine, so much so that its use for cooking is practically totalitarian in the entire Spanish population.

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Olive oil whose cultivation, processing, packaging and commercialization is developed in Bajo Aragón is known as oil with a denomination of origin of Bajo Aragón.

In how many to mechanical procedures, it is due to highlight the grinding, shaking, pressing, centrifugation, decantation and filtering.

The grape par excellence in the olive oil of lower Aragon, is the empeltre olive and to have the designation of origin, it must be presented in more than 80% of the oil.

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Origins of olive oil

Teruel land of ham, olive trees, saffron and many other things that we do not yet know but that we will know in the presentation of our line of products. The origin of the olive in Teruel is very broad, they are olive trees of ancient origin, the oldest in Spain.

Teruel makes it very recognized by the empeltre olive, a type of olive that would be introduced by the Greeks, and which is very important in the lower Aragón area , where the highest oil production is located next to the area Matarraña.

Cultivation area characteristics

The cultivation of the olive tree area of ​​Lower Aragon consists of an area of ​​more than 37,000 hectares spread throughout the entire area of ​​Lower Aragon

  • Average density of 70 olive trees per hectare
  • The denomination of origin is made up of 77 municipalities, between the area of ​​Teruel and Zaragoza
  • Varieties of empeltre, arbequina and royal olive
olive groves with an olive tree on the left.
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Olive oil DOP

When buying appellation of origin olive oil we must take into account a series of factors.

The appellation of origin olive oil from Bajo Aragón refers to the entire cultivation, processing and packaging process within the region of Bajo Aragón, but the difference with respect to other oils is in the color, appearance and flavor, a very yellow color, with a clean appearance, without impurities and also a smooth and fluid flavor.

Where is olive oil found

Olive oil in Teruel is found in two regions mainly , in the Matarraña region, being one of the most important towns Calaceite , and in the Bajo Aragón region, where the number of Arbequina olives is immense, a region that has had this economy for hundreds of years, where many families subsist.

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 spoon with an olive bathed in its oil

Investment in health

Teruel is being one of the capitals of Spain where the most is seeking to boost the agri-food economy, thanks to the fact that Teruel has various factors, it is possible to find many types of products that many people are unaware of, one of them is the olive oil from Lower Aragon, a pleasure to cook with, and whose knowledge is not popular even knowing that it is reaching Italy by the hand of certain products, a oil cataloged by the oldest in Spain.

Buying olive oil is expensive, but it is profitable, since the properties that olive gives to meals make us achieve a great balance in the Mediterranean diet . So do not hesitate to buy quality oil.

Olive oil benefits

The extra virgin olive oil is one of the products classified as unique in the market. Due, mainly to the benefits they report for health, among them. They help prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce stress and anxiety. Thanks to its composition, it favors digestion quickly and among many others, and a very named one, is that it favors a longer life

What is the price of extra virgin olive oil?

The price of the olive varies depending on the year and the harvest of the olive trees, it all depends on the weather that has been given, if it has been a year of rain and without inclement weather, the price will be lower.

Where can I buy extra virgin olive oil?

In our online store you can buy extra virgin olive oil, from the empeltre olive, one of the most important olives in Lower Aragon.

What does extra virgin olive oil mean?

The meaning is very simple, it is the oil that its entire process from cultivation to marketing has been developed in the same province, area or region. To have the designation of origin, certain criteria must be met, depending on the autonomous community.