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Local vegetables packed with all their flavor and nutritional value. To taste and include a little Teruel in your recipes.

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Canned food includes the handling processes that food goes through to prevent deterioration and preserve it for a longer time. These can be of any food: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables or vegetables. canned vegetables can be presented in canned or packaged formats, largely depending on the product to be preserved. The final objective of the different canning systems is to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms, yeasts and fungi that participate in the ripening process of vegetables. In this way, enzymatic reactions that are activated when harvesting or cutting a vegetable or vegetable in some way are prevented.

Historical resource

The development of agriculture brought with it the foundations of civilization. Finding constant and periodic sources of food made sedentary lifestyle possible. But the problem of the perishable nature of agricultural products led the Phoenicians to devise ways to extend the shelf life and protect vegetables from deterioration. This also led to a series of advances regarding the following issues:

    • Harvesting
    • Transportation
    • Seasonality

That the consumption of the products of the earth was not subject to temporality and geographical limitations was essential for a civilization of navigators.

With time and technological advances, the transience of food is an issue to which no absolute solution has been found. It is such that, from the first primitive drying and salting systems, until the first vegetable canning factory that opened in Logroño in 1848, canned vegetables have been a resource widely used in Iberian gastronomy.

At Degusta Teruel, we bring to your table all the flavor and nutritional value of the crops of the land with durability and quality assurance. Adapting to the new times we offer you canned vegetables with traditional online preparation.

Fresh vegetables

Advantages of canned vegetables

Vegetables can be preserved after harvest. In this way the ripening stops, and it preserves a great content of its nutritional value. Some foods such as tomatoes require cooking prior to packaging, but others go directly from the ground to their treatment.

The speed with which you can implement the vegetable part to your plate from canned vegetables is an advantage to take into account. In a fast-paced society like today, time is of the essence. A healthy diet is often hampered by this, and cutting, peeling, preparing or cooking vegetables is something that you cannot always dedicate time to.

Undoubtedly, one of the advantages that we highlight the most is the flavor. Contrary to what one might think, in preserves not only an intense taste is preserved but is increased. We therefore emphasize that it is possible to have all the flavor of Teruel in your dishes when buying canned vegetables online .

canned vegetables

Fresh vegetables?

Today we have easy access to all kinds of vegetables. Less and less food is subject to seasonality, so that we can consume them throughout the year. The distance of the transports is no longer a problem because through cold stores we can delay their maturation. Thus the shops are provided with vegetables from all over the world, maintaining a constant supply. The mere fact of seeing them exposed without presenting any packaging or treatment can give us the feeling of being the healthiest option. But on a nutritional level is this always the best option?

Most nutrition and health experts recommend the consumption of fresh vegetables, since from the moment the quantity is harvested of minerals and vitamins, in addition to the absorption capacity by our body of these, are diminished. This is why the delay in its consumption can be somewhat harmful in the long term, and that is that fresh vegetables are not always so fresh.

canned vegetables

Another aspect that we can appreciate is the variety of vegetables that we put at your fingertips. And it is that every harvest is capable of being conserved. In your pantry you can have a range of foods that could not share a recipe otherwise. The last point we would mention is the price. Canning in many occasions makes the trade and consumption of certain products with a high perishable character more economical, either by transport or by the way of packaging they require to be able to be presented fresh.

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