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    The origin of the cheese is millennial, it will be between 3000 and 8000 BC where cheese begins to be talked about as such, cheese is a staple in the Mediterranean diet and its use in the gastronomy has spread a lot.

    Characteristics of cheeses

    The Degusta Teruel cheeses are handmade cheeses, selecting the best artisans of Teruel with a lot of priority and work, cheese factories such as the Sierra de Albarracin, the cheese factory of Rodenas and the cheese factory of Tronchón, strong> you are recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of their cheeses, cheese making like Albarracín has received many awards highlighting the world cheese awards international awards that place them back in first p osition of the most awarded cheese factories in Spain. The cheeses of Degusta Teruel, are cheeses from sheep's milk and goat's milk, they are high quality cheeses, and it has that artisan point that characterizes them. The famous Tronchón cheese which continues to have a great impact due to its shape and taste.

    Buy artisan cheeses from Teruel

    The cheeses of Teruel stand out for their quality, the quality of the curdled milk makes the sheep or goat cheese of high quality, animals bred in Teruel and that provide quality in the raw material.