Ham Accessories

Here you can find a wide variety of complementary products to ham. Ham holder, knife, chaira, ham cover, ham bag, handkerchief.

Accessories for ham

In order to make the best use and conservation of our hams accessible, at Degusta Teruel we dedicate one of our catalog to tools and utensils complementary to the ham. Thus, we have accessories for the whole process of ham consumption:

  • Cubrejamón
  • Knives
  • Chairas
  • Supports
  • Tweezers

Buy ham holder

It is really important when cutting ham, have a support according to our piece, since depending on the weight and size we will have to find the appropriate ham holder that will facilitate the cut firmly and safely. In our catalog you will find ham holders and mini ham holders at an economical price, ideal for domestic cutting. Light and versatile, to place and store anywhere.

buy Ham knife

As a painter requires his brush, Ham cutting requires a ham knife, these knives with elongated and flexible blades make cutting versatile as the piece evolves with its use. It is crucial for a safe and clean cut, which is why we work with steel experts from Albacete. Quality knives that with their correct sharpening and maintenance, will accompany us innumerable pieces of ham.

We sell products from Arcos , a benchmark brand in knives and others items made from steel. In our catalog you will find sets of knife and sharpener , both made of stainless steel, so that your knife does not lose its edge and you can continue to enjoy a precise cut.

Buy Arcos ham knife in Degusta Teruel