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Wide variety of chocolates with an artisan recipe for all tastes. Produced in Teruel.

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Because a sweet does not make anyone bitter, at Degusta Teruel we have included artisan chocolates from the province of Teruel in our catalog. A variety of recipes to enjoy, from the most traditional, to the most innovative combinations for the most daring. Buy your chocolate along with other typical sweets and gourmet products from Teruel in our online store.

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We work with trusted producers and we are interested in the entire process of making our products. With chocolate we have not made an exception. With recipes based on a selection of the best cocoas in the world obtaining as a result chocolates for all tastes. In tablet format, you can buy a wide variety of products that adapt to all consumers. So we have GLUTEN FREE and no added sugars chocolates.

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Pure Chocolate

With different percentages of cocoa, in our products we offer varieties both for those who want the purest chocolate with a greater amount of cocoa, and for those who enjoy this sweet in the most sweet way.

With its corresponding variants that will not cease to surprise you, in our chocolate recipes from the province of Teruel.

Find chocolate for true cocoa lovers in our catalog.

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Where to buy artisan chocolates

More and more, food products are present in online shopping. Orders and deliveries are facilitated, so that they are received in the shortest time and in the best conditions. In Degusta Teruel we bring to your home the most exquisite recipes of artisan chocolates, so that you do not deprive yourself of its irresistible flavor.

Our online store has shipments in 24 hours within the peninsula and 48 for the rest of the European Union. Delicious Teruel products at your fingertips.

Explore our catalog and find the variety of chocolate that best suits you and discover those that escape your imagination. Pure dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, white chocolates, chocolate with red berries, etc.

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Types of Artisan Chocolates

Respecting traditional production processes, and with equally delicious results, we also offer the most daring chocolates. You will find different percentages of cocoas, combinations with nuts, candied fruits and many more. With flavors and blends to experiment and surprise your loved ones.

  • White chocolate with rice pudding
  • Chocolate with milk and honey
  • Chocolate with candied orange
  • White chocolate with strawberry
  • White chocolate with lemon sorbet
  • Milk chocolate and red fruits
  • Milk chocolate and bonbon coffee
  • Chocolate with raspberry
  • Chocolate with red wine and raisins

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