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Valdelinares, the snow near Valencia

We are close to winter, entering autumn, but there are many ski and mountain lovers who want the ski season to start, many of us who love the harsh winter of the sofa, blanket and movie. But also going out to the mountains and taking advantage of the cold to be able to do winter sports, one of the characteristics of Teruel is its cold winter, this cold makes Valdelinares and Javalambre dress in white to receive crowds of people to enjoy the snow, these people come to see.

Tourist attraction

Snow is a great tourist attraction for the region of Gudar - Jalambre, from December to April, we have a large number of people who visit us in order to play sports winter. In Teruel we have 3 ski slopes, these ski slopes are: Javalambre and Valdelinares, alpine ski slopes have almost 30km distributed among them, and that delight families, since their difficulty is not very high.

Normally, the most visited are the slopes ski resort of Valdelinares, due to the fact that the inclement weather is more favorable, this is something that has been noted in the area, since it has a great economic development, towns such as Mora de Rubielos, Rubielos de Mora, Linares de Mora, and Alcala de la selva have many accommodations, both rural houses and hotels , to delight the visitor.

The visitor who usually comes takes advantage of the whole weekend, and that is why it is Mora de rubielos the town where they most often stay since it houses a multitude of services, in addition to being a great tourist beauty along with Rubielos de Mora, which has been chosen most beautiful and good town by ferrero roche

It is so close to Valencia that thousands of people visit us every year, being very recognized tourism in this region, a region attached to Teruel, and that has the highway 23which in less than 1 hour can take us to Mora de rubielos.

The visitors are many and wide, most of them are families who come to visit us and see all the villages of gudar- javalambre, apart from being a highly demanded area due to winter tourism, it is also an area highly demanded by the mushroom sector, mushrooms bring people from all over Spain to collect the famous Boletus and that is not easy to find since there must have been a year with abundant rains for this fungus to appear, and it is not easy to find edible mushrooms of this quality.< /p>

Skiing in Valdelinares

One ​​of the things we advise you to do is ski in Valdelinares, ski slopes located at 2000m above sea level, and that puts the capital Teruel on the map, these slopes have great characteristics since due to the immense amount of pine trees there are, the snow remains very well until the end of the season, except for the seasons where the heat is overwhelming.

Normally a large number of people come, especially families, and many people learn to ski, which is why many ski instructors have , first learn to "do the wedge and then parallel" learn to ski is very nice and is a great family sport. The station's chair lifts are varied, there are also tele-pulls and a toboggan run.

We advise you not to miss it, and that later we will talk in more detail about all the ski slopes and the price and much more.

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