What is PGI in food?

The acronym PGI refers to "Protected Geographical Indication" in the field of food. This term identifies agricultural or food products that are linked to a specific geographic region. The PGI designation ensures that at least one crucial stage of the production, transformation or processing of the product takes place in that geographic area, contributing to the product's unique characteristics, which may include factors such as climate, soil or traditional production methods. . This protection helps preserve the authenticity and quality of the product against imitations or improper usurpation of its name or reputation.

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Products with Protected Geographical Indication in Spain

In Spain, there are numerous products that enjoy the designation of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which guarantees their origin and quality. Some notable examples are the Ham from Teruel, the Manchego Cheese, the Aloreña Olive from Málaga, the Baena Oil, the Saffron from La Mancha, the Valencian Orange, the Artichoke from Benicarló, the Paprika from La Vera, and the Onion from Fuentes. of Ebro, among others. Each of these products is not only associated with a specific region of Spain, but also complies with rigorous regulations that ensure their production under traditional methods and with unique characteristics derived from their geographical environment.

What does the protected geographical indication indicate for consumers?

The protected geographical indication (PGI) assures consumers that a food product comes from a specific region with unique characteristics, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality. Protects against imitations and provides a cultural and historical connection to the product's place of origin

Designations of Origin of Teruel

In Teruel, Spain, some examples of products with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) include Jamón de Teruel and Ternasco de Aragón. These products are linked to the geographical region of Teruel and comply with strict regulations that ensure their quality and authenticity. Teruel Ham is characterized by its traditional curing process in the Teruel highlands, while Ternasco de Aragón refers to young lamb raised in the region according to traditional methods. These protected indications not only highlight the quality of the products, but also promote and protect the cultural and economic heritage of Teruel.


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