Cover ham
Cover ham

Cover ham

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Black fabric to cover after cutting.

Ideal for after cutting ham.

Matte black color.

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Covering a ham with a cloth is important for several reasons:

  • Protection against insects and dust: A cloth covering the ham can help prevent insects and dust from coming into contact with it. with the meat, which can protect its flavor and quality.
  • Moisture control: The fabric can also help control humidity in the meat. ham atmosphere. If the fabric is breathable, it can allow the ham to breathe and prevent moisture buildup, which can negatively affect its flavor and texture.
  • Proper maturation: The fabric can also help promote proper maturation of the ham. By covering the ham with a cloth, you create an environment that helps the meat mature evenly, resulting in a more balanced flavor and texture.
  • Protection from Light: The fabric can also help protect the ham from direct sunlight, which can alter its flavor and quality.
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