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Taste Teruel throws the house out the window and lowers prices on black friday

Taking advantage of previous times to buy your ham at Christmas is synonymous with knowledge , the day arrives, or well... rather:

The week of Black Friday

Week where you can find great discounts before the Christmas period, at Degusta Teruel we have it clear, to make an attractive campaign for our first black friday and how not taking into account our little time of life, we seek quality from a serious point of view and from an attractive point of view.

Ham as a gift for Black Friday

Why trust Degusta Teruel for Black Friday?

Our first Black Friday is going to be big, that's why we've promised to bring the best deals, Black Fridays won't be so black when know what....

We have a 20% discount for you!

And why?< /p>

Because at Degusta Teruel we know how to take care of our customers, for all that, and much more, your purchases at Degusta Teruel will have a prize this Christmas, because all purchases at degusta Teruel will have a discount coupon of 15% to use this Christmas, you, your partner, your friends, your family, whoever you want, take advantage of everything we offer, because we will not only have Teruel ham, we will also have discounts on wines, spelled, cheese of goat.....

Take advantage of everything we have for you!


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