differences between hams

Differences between Serrano and Iberian ham

After this question many people are stunned because they don't know to answer, or simply do not know the specific answers to give, therefore, during today's post, we are going to talk about everything related to the differences between Iberian ham and Serrano ham.

Iberian and serrano pig

differences between pigs

  • Different races: How? Well, what you read, the white pig does not look anything like the Iberian pig, and that is why, because both the feeding, the care, and the curing are very different from the white pig. The pigs from which the Serrano ham comes are white-legged pigs, made up of the Landrace, Duroc, and Large white breeds.
  • in grain.

Different elaboration

  • Curing and preparation process: distinguishes different phases for each of them, theserrano ham is distinguished three different phases: Salting, resting and curingwhile Iberian ham comprisesfour phases: Salting, washing, drying and curing
  • Curing process: Serrano ham spreads a curing period of 8 to 24 months, the curing period of 24 months would be for hams called gran reserva hams, while denomination of origin hams are hams that have a curing period of about 16 months, on the other hand Iberian hams are cured between 14 and 36 months.
  • Denomination of origin, The denominations of origin of Serrano ham are the denomination of origin of Terue l, and that of Trévelez; while the denominations of origin for Iberian ham are Guijuelo, Los Pedroches, Jamón de Huelva.

Visual differences between hams

Differentiating between the type of Iberian ham, and Serrano ham is easy, first highlight the leg visually. The color of the ham leg in Serrano ham is characterized by being white leg, while Iberian ham is a dark color. A difference that can also be seen in the hoof.

Apart from this, the reddish color of Iberian ham is much more characteristic, a pure red color, with more fat than Serrano ham, but with a greater contribution of proteins, Serrano ham is characterized by having less fat and a saltier taste than Iberian ham.

Gran Reserva Ham


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