History of the apple and its juice


History of the apple and its juice:

The fruit is the most famous in history since ancient times, in addition to being the representation of sin in the Bible, it is a fruit that contains a high content of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and multiple vitamins, so the juice of this fruit helps us a improves cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

The origin of this fruit is not exactly known, it is believed that it may originate from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and even Central Asia. It is known that Hesiod, a well-known ancient Greek poet, made mention of the apple around 800 BC. This means that in ancient times this fruit was already made and consumed in our continent.

What is known with certainty is that the apple was a wild fruit that began to be grafted in ancient times, being the Romans who managed to improve its genetics. In ancient Rome, the apple and its juice were considered an elixir for immortality. This fruit was so important that in the houses of the wealthiest Romans a room lined with marble (pomarium) was reserved for the conservation and storage of this magical food. Centuries later it would be called pomodoro which means golden apple.

When the Spanish arrived in America they brought with them this fruit with a high content of vitamins B, C, phosphorus, potassium and calcium that helped them fight scurvy on their long journey through the sea.

In Amería, new grafts would be made that gave rise to new apple varieties such as Golden Delicious, Red Delicious or Granny Smith.

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The image that we have below is Titian's work entitled Adam and Eve, dated around the year 1550, it is an oil on canvas.

History of the apple and its juice

What are the benefits of apple juice?

First of all, we will talk about the pleasure of drinking this juice, since the apple is a sweet fruit, its juice has a delicious, sweet and refreshing taste. It helps hydration by providing electrolytes and also provides a feeling of satiety that can help us in weight loss or weight control processes.

But in what aspects does apple juice bring us benefits:

Its content in Vitamins B, C and even some vitamin E and the high percentage of calcium and potassium helps us to keep our skin, hair and nails strong and healthy.

It also helps our brain to function faster by improving cognitive abilities and reduces the possibility of having a stroke and can even alleviate Alzheimer's.

 Due to its potassium content it also relieves muscle aches and improves muscle function and strengthens the immune system.

History of the apple and its juice

This juice is full of antioxidants so drinking 2 or 3 glasses of apple juice a day helps reduce the risk of cancer.

It is a heart toner and helps us prevent heart disease as well as the risk of diabetes. It also relieves stomach pain and fights digestive problems. Its satiating property and its low calorie content helps us maintain our weight and control weight gain.

Eating 2 or 3 apples a day can be heavy, but drinking its juice is delicious and easy. In Degusta Teruel we have a rich variety of apple juices, take a look at our catalog and start enjoying this good and healthy flavor.

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