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Visit Albarracin

New entry in our blog, we are talking about Albarracin, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Visiting Albarracin is synonymous with beauty, For this reason, it is very important to go to the Albarracin tourist office, where they will inform you of everything there is to visit

  • Geography

together with the Alfambra river, it will form the Turia river.

To the north is the Sierra de Albarracin and to the south the universal mountains, part of its landscape is protected, entering the category of Pinares del Rodeno

  • Relevant information

The population of Albarracin does not exceed 1000 inhabitants, this town being the largest in population in the sierr a de Albarracin, a pioneer town in the transformation, currently the Sierra de Albarracin has a great problem of depopulation ahead, many proposals against depopulation should be generated in this town, smallest town visited from the province of Teruel.

After being a town with a large amount of resources, this town is still one of the most demanded towns in Teruel tourism, due to its beauty, this town is part of being the reference town of the tourism of Teruel, visiting Albarracin is the order of the day.

  • Divided town

The town is divided into two parts, the old part, with a large number of houses hanging on the mountain and the newer part which is called the suburb, this part is bathed by the Guadalaviar river and here find the newly built buildings.

History of Albarracin

  • Iron Age, inhabited by the Celtic tribe of the Lobetans.
  • Middle Ages, during the period known as Al- Andalus, specifically in the 11th century, the Berber clan reached power turning Albarracin into the sovereign dynasty of the Taifa de Albarracin. This stage preserves the Andador tower and the castle of Albarracin.
  • Later Albarracin would be conquered by Pedro III of Aragón who would conquer it in 1285, and it would become the Crown of Aragonin the year 1300, all acts of conquest had to do with the fortress base and defensive system of Albarracin

What to visit in Albarracín

Albarracinis a town that contains great monuments, apart from a spectacular landscape, these two characteristics make Albarracin a unique town in the mountains.

The monuments are many and varied:

  • Albarracín Historic Complex
  • Cathedral of Salvador: located next to the castle, it is from the 16th century with a single nave and side chapels.
  • Alcázar de Albarracin: located in the old town, it has recently been restored and conditioned for your visit.
  • Episcopal Palace : it is located next to the cathedral, baroque style
  • Consistorial House: it is located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • Casa de la Julianeta: house of popular construction, is located in the Portal de Molina
  • Albarracin Walls from the XIV Christian construction.
  • Andador Tower, of Muslim rigging from the 19th and 11th centuries, reinforced with a small rectangular enclosure.
  • Tower Doña Blanca, symmetrical to that of the Andador, is found at the end of the spur.

You would like to know more about Albarracin, visit Albarracin at its Tourist Office you will find very varied information about its history, the civil war, its cave paintings, nearby places to visit, restaurants to eat, where to sleep, bike routes, everything absolutely you can find everything at the tourist office, if you want more information about Albarracin click here Tourism Albarracin

We hope you have enjoyed this article, do not hesitate to visit Albarracin and above all do not hesitate to stop by its tourist office, where you will be kindly attended and receive information on what you want.

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