Payment systems

In Degusta Teruel you will have the ability to pay with three totally different forms of payment, with this we seek the versatility, security and confidence of yourself.

Debit or credit card (REDSYS)

The payment gateway will be made through redsys, doing this allows us to outsource the payment to the bank directly so that we, due to this, we will not have sensitivity data. At no time your card data will appear in our system.

To be able to use the credit card payment system, you must finalize your purchase, once finalized it will indicate the two types of payment that can be made, you must choose by credit card.

Once clicked on a credit card, you must enter the information indicated so that you can make the payment correctly.

All types of cards are accepted.


With PayPal we will send you to PayPal's secure payment platform to identify yourself as a user. Your order will be validated and processed immediately.

Bank transfer

The payment by bank transfer will be sent to a screen where the account will indicate where to pay the amount of the purchase.

In Degusta Teruel you can reserve the right to cancel any purchase, as long as you see irregular conditions of it.