Yolk nougat

Yolk nougat

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Weight: 300gr

Yolk nougat.

Dessert and sweet on festivities. 

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Quantity: 300gr.

Ingredients: Sugar, EGG YOLK, glucose, preservative E200 (sorbic acid, preservative E202 (potassium sorbate) and vanilla (flavouring).

What is Yolk Nougat?

The yolk nougat is a variety of nougat that is distinguished by its flavor and smooth and creamy texture. It is a traditional sweet in Spanish gastronomy, especially associated with the Christmas season.

The main ingredient of yolk nougat is the egg yolk. It is made by mixing egg yolks with sugar and slowly heated until it reaches a creamy consistency. Later, other ingredients such as ground almonds or pine nuts are added, depending on the recipe and the region.

Once the yolk mixture has reached the right consistency, it is poured into molds and allowed to cool to to solidify The result is a golden yellow nougat with a soft and silky texture.

Yoke nougat is characterized by its sweet and delicate flavor, with intense notes of egg and a texture that melts in the mouth. . It is a sweet appreciated for its softness and creaminess, and it is consumed as a dessert or as an accompaniment to coffee or tea.

Like other types of nougat, the yolk nougat is especially popular during the Christmas holidays in Spain. It comes in tablets or individual bars and is wrapped in brown paper or packed in plastic.

In summary, the yolk nougat is a variety of Spanish nougat that stands out for its sweet and mild flavor, thanks to to its base of egg yolks. It is a highly appreciated and traditional sweet during Christmas celebrations.

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