Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta
Assortment of pasta

Assortment of pasta

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Do you like sweets? Try this assortment of various typical pasta from Aragon

Weight: 250 grams

This assortment of typical pastas is made up of carquiñoles, mantecados and almonds.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Pasta assortment"

  • Quantity:250 grams.
  • Ingredients:Wheat flour, almond, eggs, sugar, oil, brandy, butter pork, citric acid essence and bicarbonate (soda)
  • This product contains:gluten (wheat), nuts, egg and egg-based products and sulfites. 
  • May contain traces of: milk and its derivatives (including lactose)
  • Preparation: Teruel.
  • Preservation: Cool and dry place.

What is the pasta assortment?

Contains mantecados, carquiñoles, almonds and anise cookies.


Mantecados is a paste with a spongy texture, which melts into mouth. To make it, lard, eggs, sugar, flour and lemon zest are used. Mix the butter with the sugar until you obtain an ointment to which the eggs and flour are mixed. Stretch the dough obtained and cut with a round cutter. The resulting pieces are painted with egg, a little grain sugar and an almond are added and they are placed in the oven to be cooked.


They are very crunchy oval-shaped almond pancakes. They are made with egg yolks beaten with sugar and flour is added until bars can be formed that we will cut into slices to form pieces approximately 5cm in diameter and approximately 1cm thick. The pieces are then spread with beaten egg and baked.


Almonds are a delicious paste of almonds, egg white and sugar. They are made by beating the egg whites until stiff and gently mixing the almonds. We arrange the pasta in round molds, and cook in a moderate oven. The Almendrados have a crunchy texture with pieces of almond distributed inside.


They are cookies with anise flavor, very crunchy and flaky. They are made with oil, brandy, sugar and flour. With the resulting dough we spread a plaston on a floured table and cut 0.5 cm strips. Thick by 3 cm wide and about 8 cm long. We paint with egg, add grain sugar and bake. They have a very pleasant flavor and texture on the palate.

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