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DUROC PIG in the production of Teruel ham

The Duroc pig is one of the pigs used for the production of both white leg and Iberian ham, it is well known and has a very important meat flavor since it is a very lean meat and very rich in protein.

These qualities have been noted in the market, being one of the most exploited pigs for its production, although the scope of the Duroc pig in the market is currently unknown, it can be said that this type of pig already occupies large amounts of production, both white leg like Iberian.

Where does the Duroc pig breed come from?

The importance of this pig is given by its appearance, similar to the Iberian pig with a less dark color but at the same time lighter than other breeds of pig. This breed is characteristic in the production of white leg ham and Iberian ham, and is very characteristic in the production of the Teruel ham.

But it is not a pig that comes from Europe, the entry of this type of breed in Europe would take place in the mid-1960s, and due to its fame and power in food it would be at the peak it is right now, it is a breed originating in the United States.

The duroc pig was an imported breed or originating in the United States, this breed is the cross of other breeds, African and European as it is Old Duroc and Red Jersey.

Duroc pork meat characteristics

One of the characteristics of duroc pork has to do with fat infiltration, it has a high degree of fat infiltration. Due to this, the appellations of origin use it to achieve customer satisfaction, this pig is widely used for the production of ham and stuffed loin. The use occurs for the denominations of origin, both white leg and Iberian, as it is meat with great properties. The main characteristics are that it is a pig capable of having large litters, it is ideal for reproduction, having a true resistance against diseases and other problems, and it also resists hot temperatures very well, which is why it is an animal that adapts very well to the climate of Teruel, with very cold winters and normally very hot summers, Teruel is a province that contains large temperature differences that often reduce certain products as they do not have a constant temperature, so this type of animal acclimatizes very well to the current temperature of Teruel.


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