Craft beer has its origins in England where the term "Craft" began to be used to relate to small craft breweries.

This type of beer has very high levels of quality and is an alternative for beer lovers who seek an authentic product with a characteristic flavor.

The preparation of these beers uses traditional methods which are increasing at a gastronomic level.

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- INGREDIENTS: Craft beer uses natural ingredients such as water, yeast, malts and hops, while industrial beers are pasteurized and have preservatives.

- MAKING PROCESS: Craft beer is made naturally or with minimal help from machinery, while industrial beers are made using an automatic process and human participation is minimal.

- FILTERING: Craft beer is made through manual filtering, while industrial beer uses chemical filtration which, in addition to eliminating residues, eliminates yeasts and proteins from the beer.

- FLAVOR AND AROMA: Craft beer is more attractive and complex in terms of taste, that is, it has more body, flavor and aroma than an industrial beer.

- ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTL: Craft breweries are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, while industrial breweries use a large amount of waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Difference between craft and industrial beer



Characteristics: It has a light golden color and its foam is very white with little retention. They are known for their softness and clarity. It is usually produced in winter because temperatures below 5/10 degrees are needed for at least a month and a maximum of three.

Beers :

- Pilsner, light and with a bitter touch.

- Bock, stronger and malty.

- Märzen, made in the month of March and is stored in cold caves to be consumed in autumn, it is widely consumed during the Oktoberfest.

Lager beer


Characteristics: It has an acidic flavor, with an acidic and sometimes fruity profile. They are fermented with special bacteria and yeasts. Ideal for palates looking for different experiences.


- Gose, stands out for being highly carbonated wheat, acidic and with fruity notes. It has a subtle touch of salt and coriander.

- Berliner Weisse, with a fruity and dry lactic acid flavor, refreshing and with low alcohol content.

- Lambic, se They are fermented with wild yeasts that give them a unique sour character and are usually mixed with cherries or raspberries.

Sour Beer


Characteristics: It has an amber color and a bitter and hoppy flavor, with an aromatic profile. They are more bitter than Larger and are ideal if you want to refresh yourself. They are highly fermented beers, they ferment between 15 and 25ºC and the process involves blending at the top of the wort.


- Blonde, they are pale yellow or golden in color, with a light body, little bitterness and hop aroma with some sweet touches from the malt.

- Pale Ale, it is pleasant and discreet, with a malty profile, with enough woody or slightly floral hops to balance.

- India Pale Ale (IPA), it has a high alcohol content (5º and 7º), bitter and with intense aromas, a certain complexity on the palate. It is characterized by the high concentration of hops.

-Witbier, is a highly fermented barley and wheat beer made in Belgium and the Netherlands.

- Tripel, with a golden color very accentuated, its body is light but with a dense and delicious foam.

- Stout, opaque black in color and with bitterness from raw roasted barley.

Ale Beer


Features: They have special and unique flavors of the season.


- Christmas beers, robust and with spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

- Pumpkin Ale, pumpkin beers with the different spices used for the Pumpkin pie, popular in autumn, has a warm and cozy flavor.

- Fruit beers, use ingredients such as flowers or herbs, can vary from light and refreshing to enjoy in summer, to more complex and aged to enjoy in autumn.

Pumpkin Ale Beer

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