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Types of white wine

You are a wine lover, it is important to distinguish between the different types of white, you like to know about wines and know their different qualities, because you have come to the right place, in Taste Teruel, we are going to talk about two wines that are highly demanded and It is because white wine continues to triumph, but what we ask for when we arrive at the restaurant and the waiter tells us. Dry white or fruity?

The first time they told me this, it was hard to understand what the waiter was saying, but I told him, I'm sweet, that I have little of dryness, and that's how I began to know something about wines.

Dry white wine

There are many times that we do not understand what a dry white wine is, but here we go, a dry white wine is a wine that does not have sugar with what is not sweet, it is a dry flavor, difficult for me to measure from the smell and intact in taste many times.

Dry white wine is less aromatic on the nose, more neutral or with an aroma other than floral and fruity.

fruity white wine

The different types of white wine depend on the type of grape used to make it, which determines its fruity character, and the fermentation process, which is what determines the amount of sugar in the final product.

Depending on their fermentation, wines are divided into dry, semi-dry and fruity wines.


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