delicias de teruel
delicias de teruel

Delights of Teruel

Teruel defines its gastronomy with one word, greatness, the flavor intense Teruel ham, we must accompany it with other products from the land of Teruel.

But today I am not going to get confused because I am going to talk about the Teruel's most typical dish, and that every traveler willing to come to this beautiful city should try.

I recommend that when you arrive in Teruel, stop to visit the beautiful plaza del torico, but in addition to that, once you have done that, go to dinopolis to enjoy the dinosaurs in Teruel.

After after having walked and walked through dinópolis go to a central bar to try the typical dish of Teruel, Delicias de Teruel, a dish made up of Teruel designation of origin ham and artisanal bread with tomatoes from the garden. A pleasure for the palate.

This is one of the most important dishes of Teruel.

In the following posts, there will be more and we will offer restaurants where you can taste the best dishes of Teruel.

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