Ham DOP Teruel
Ham DOP Teruel
Ham DOP Teruel
Ham DOP Teruel

Ham DOP Teruel

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Weights: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg

Ham from Teruel, with all traceability made in the province of Teruel.

Degusta Teruel sign of identity.

  • 7kg-7.5kg
  • 7.5kg - 8kg
  • 8kg - 8.5kg
  • 8.5kg - 9kg

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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Ham denomination of origin of Teruel D.O.P"

Healing: 24 months

Origin: White pig.

Piece with hoof and star on the bark.

Weight: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg.

Ingredients: Pork ham, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-250, E-252) and antioxidant (E-301 ).

What is Teruel denomination of origin ham?

The Teruel Designation of Origin ham is a type belonging to the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) , which means that when preparing these hams, the to follow strict and rigorous techniques so that its production meets the quality standards set. These hams are produced exclusively in the province of Teruel.

The pigs with which this ham is made are born, raised and slaughtered in Teruel and belong to a cross between Landrade and Large White breeds on the maternal line and Duroc on the paternal line.

This cross means that the Teruel denomination of origin hams have an excellent quality with an optimal infiltration of intramuscular fat provided by the Duroc breed and excellent juiciness and texture thanks to the maternal line.

In addition, Teruel ham was the first Denomination of Origin of Serrano ham in Spain, which was approved in 1984.

Ham denomination of origin of Teruel D.O.P

Characteristics of Teruel denomination of Origin hams

The characteristics of the Teruel Denomination of Origin hams are:

- Origin: The pigs must have been born, raised and slaughtered in the province of Teruel.

- Food: The diet of these pigs consists mainly of natural feed and fodder.

-Curing process: Teruel denomination of origin ham is cured for at least 14 months . During this process, the ham is subjected to strictly controlled and specific temperatures and humidity. During curing is when the ham acquires its characteristic flavor and texture.

The Teruel designation of origin hams are characterized by a pleasant aroma, a delicate flavor and a juicy texture. Another aspect that contributes to making them quality hams is the infiltration of fat during the curing process.

The Teruel Denomination of Origin guarantees that the ham follows the established quality standards and that it is authentic and originates from the Teruel region. This provides consumers with a guarantee that they are purchasing a product of high quality and tradition.

It is important to note that the Protected Designation of Origin of Teruel is a quality seal recognized and protected by the European Union to preserve and promote the traditional and artisanal production of this ham.

How to distinguish Teruel denomination hams?

To know how to differentiate denomination of origin hams from Teruel we must look at these aspects:

- Numbered band: A PDO ham from Teruel must wear a numbered band around the hoof with the CRDO Jamón y Paleta de Teruel logo. This seal must have the traceability of each ham.

- The hoof: You must always keep the hoof. The hoof is cut at any part of the process for ham that does not exceed the quality parameters required to be PDO.

- Eight-pointed star: All ham that complies with the regulations and quality to be PDO is branded with an eight-pointed star. eight points accompanied by the word Teruel.

- Sliced ham: As regards sliced and boneless ham, its packaging must bear a numbered back label with the logo of the CRDO of Teruel.

Ham denomination of origin of Teruel D.O.P

How to start a denomination of origin ham from Teruel?

To start a Teruel denomination of origin ham, we must first place and fix the piece in a suitable ham holder, with the hoof facing upwards. We will begin the cut in the area of the club.

We must locate a small protrusion called the hock; Two fingers from this, we will make a cut at about 45º that will mark our cutting area.

We will clean the part of the ham from rind and rancid bacon, making sure that there are no remains that could give a bad taste. It is important that we do not have any yellow fat left as it brings unwanted rancid and bitter flavors.

With our ham knife we will begin to remove thin slices from the highest part, these will become progressively longer as the cut progresses. For a professional finish, the ham should be cut parallel to the femur.

To enjoy the highest quality ham, the filleting of the ham must be as thin as possible. With this, we will be able to savor and enjoy the best properties of the ham.

Ham denomination of origin of Teruel D.O.P

Teruel Designation of Origin Ham Curing

The curing of our Teruel denomination of origin hams is carried out in exceptional climatic conditions. They are dried for at least 14 months at an altitude greater than 1300 meters, added to the low temperature that prevails in the province of Teruel, make a completely natural cure possible, without forced ventilation, which is known as open window curing. .

Ham denomination of origin of Teruel D.O.P

Our favorite recipe Delicias de Teruel

Delights from Teruel Recipe


- Designation of Origin Teruel Ham

- Tomato

- Bread

- Oil and salt


1. Prepare the bread: Cut the bread into slices. Preheat the oven to 170º. Once the oven is hot, toast the bread until golden and crisp

2. Prepare the ham: Cut the denomination of origin Teruel ham thin and a little long so that it fits on the slice of bread and put the ham on a plate.

3. Prepare the tomato: Grab a tomato and grate it into a bowl for serving. To give the tomato more flavor you can add a splash of oil and a pinch of salt.

4. Prepare the sandwiches: Take a slice of bread, spread the tomato and add a slice of ham on top.

As you can see it is a Super easy dish to prepare. It does not take more than 15 minutes to prepare everything. This option is one of the most typical tapas in Teruel and with which you can taste Teruel denomination of origin ham. Even so, there are many more ways to integrate ham into your recipes, so experiment and let your mind fly.

Ham denomination of origin of Teruel D.O.P
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Type of ham:
Serrano ham
More than 24 months
7kg - 7,5kg | 7,5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8,5kg | 8,5kg - 9kg
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