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What is virgin olive oil with lemon for?

Our health is based on the food we eat, which leads us to the question what are the properties of olive oil?

We return with a topic of what most popular, the application of olive oil to make cures or treatments, as you already know, olive oil is one of the liquids that are used for different types of treatments due to its good properties, the olive oil in turn accompanies us in our Mediterranean diet giving a unique flavor to our meals.

Olive oil is a quality product difficult to find in other countries, but apart from cooking, < strong>Do we know in what other ways we can use it? The answer is YES, and in Degusta Teruel we are going to present the different ways in which it is use olive oil as a form of treatment.

Olive oil with lemon helps us lose weight ;)

Mother of beautiful love that this summer we get in shape!

What did you already know?

You'll say yes, well no, well...

If you didn't know, we'll explain it to you: extra virgin olive oil combined with lemon, produces a "breath" for that fat in the abdomen that accumulates and always bothers us.

Above all, this is taken first thing in the morning, and a tablespoon of olive oil with lemon is taken, this tablespoon should be accompanied by a diet as balanced as possible, since this remedy is not applicable to diets full of fat, therefore, we must have a diet as balanced as possible, and above all never neglect physical exercise that will help us to lose that fat that accumulates in the abdomen.

olive oil and lemon

We must be clear about the points, the olive oil must be an extra virgin olive oil, since it will provide us with low fat values ​​and will help us better attack cholesterol and take care of our heart .

As for the lemon, it has to be a medium-ripened lemon.

Why then use olive oil? ?

Extra virgin olive oil has the following characteristics:

  • Olive oil has monounsaturated fatty acids that make our heart healthy and also have a satiating effect that allows us to forget about food for a few hours.
  • Olive oil has monounsaturated fatty acids that has one of the characteristics and no less It is important to be able to de-fragment the fat found in the abdomen.
  • The excessive use of olive oil would act as a laxative, so we must be careful when we decide to start with this home remedy against fat, since overdoing it could cause episodes that would not be very advisable.

Why use lemon then?

Lemon has the following characteristics:

  • Lemons contain ascorbic acid, herpedin and vitamin Cthese properties that lemon juice containsmake it easier to remove those toxins we have.

How to take olive oil with lemon?

It will be essential to take a spoonful and provide the two quantities well, that is, put half of olive oil and lemon. It will be important to take it FIRST TIME in the morning and carry out this process daily and based on a balanced diet and sports.

This is one of the remedies with which we can use olive oil but we are going to explain many more later, however, we leave you the previous entry of the differences between iberian and serrano ham Since losing weight will have to do with the type of ham you eat.

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