What is pairing? guidelines and tips

Understanding wines is understanding all the slang of the professionals of this world and the slang is so broad that it is difficult to know everything, but today we want to expand the slang with a phrase well known in this world:

What do we pair with this food?

And, the term pairing has to do with penetration and knowledge in combining the best wine for any food.

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About wine

Understanding a good wine is synonymous with understanding its aroma, its flavor and its color. But not only that, it is knowing how to combine that wine with the best meals. In the world of wine professionals, a lot of emphasis is placed on consideration of wine in certain meals, since the color and texture are evident on the palates of good wine connoisseurs.

Know the pairing

know the pairing

Wine pairing is currently considered as a gastronomic aspect of connoisseurs and wine lovers, there is no single dish, there is no perfect meal to understand pairing, and each wine lover understands it in their own way, especially thanks to their tasting taste buds each person can have a very different concept of combining wine with food.

However, there are some patterns in the pairing that make us connoisseurs of the varieties of red, white and rose wine for certain dishes. But as you can see, the spectrum is very wide.

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We are going to start by indicating the guidelines to be able to have a correct pairing between wines and dishes, although we understand that other factors influence, These are the ones that we see as fundamental.

  • Service temperature

Understand A red, rosé or white wine is to understand the temperature at which it should be served, it depends on the wine, the type of grape of the wine and if it has been aged in a barrel or not, all these factors influence the temperature at which it is it must do. It is recommended that white wines be served at a temperature between 6º-8º and red wines between 14º-16º

  • Decant a wine

Decanting the wine in slang is the meaning of oxygenate or remove impurities from the wine, this phenomenon is used for many reasons. Elimination of wine sediment, eliminate impurities and oxygenate the wine. It is necessary to take into consideration the decantation of the wine to make a perfect pairing.

Decant a wine
Decant a wine
  • Glass temperature

It seems strange but really not having the glass at an ideal temperature can affect us When it comes to tasting a good wine, if the temperature of the glass is not correct, it can affect us in our broth that has been served at the correct serving temperature.

  • Allow to oxygenate

Like all packaged products, whatever Despite correctly decanting the wine, it must be said that it is necessary to allow it to oxygenate correctly, this is usually done in two ways. Moving the wine so that it is oxygenated correctly or wait about 5 minutes once served. Wine has the ability to enhance its flavor, color and aroma through oxygenation, so if this step is not done correctly we will not make a perfect pairing with our dishes.

It is clear that pairing is not learned in a day, and learning to pair certain dishes takes a long time, mainly due to the type of wine and the type of food with which we will pair. Our recommendation is to be clear about the dish to be paired and try different wines from both grapes and aging to obtain a perfect pairing and surprise your guests.

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