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Autumn mushrooms; Boletus and rebollones in Teruel

One ​​of the products with which we work a lot, are products aimed at mixing the flavors of mushrooms with that of pork, TRY OUR PRODUCTS WITH BOLETUS BY CLICKING HERE, are references in our online store, artisan products with great flavor that give it the flavor of autumn mushrooms, specifically boletus mushrooms.

Teruel, is characterized by being a province with a great fondness for mycology, which is why numerous collectors come from all over Spain, to collect so much Boletus mushrooms such as rebollones, which are the autumn mushrooms most in demand in the mountains of Teruel. The most prized mushroom in Teruel is the Boletus, since its fame in the kitchen makes it a highly valued mushroom

The mountains of Teruel where these mushrooms grow mainly, they are the Sierra de Albarracin and the Sierra de Gudar.

These mountains are visited by different collectors mainly from the Valencian community and Catalonia.

This year and due to the rains in August, it is expected to have a year in which we will be able to find a great variety of mushrooms in autumn, although it will mainly be the Boletus and rebollones, the mushrooms that we will find the most.

Rebollones or Níscalos

The most common mushroom in the province of Teruel, it usually comes out during the months of September, October and November, it often begins to come out in August, all depending on the amount of rain that there has been that year, it has an orange color distinguishing between the native ones and drunkards, is the most collected mushroom in Teruel.


Mushroom that usually appears in great rainy seasons, mushroom also known as joint, due to its elongated shape, it is a mushroom where its trunk is white with a brown cap, it is not easy to distinguish, since there is a very similar mushroom inedible, it is recommended that you go with experts for collection. This mushroom is widely used in the production of meat products, such as sausages and foie gras, and various other products.

The variety of mushrooms is very wide, especially those found in autumn in Teruel, to highlight those named above, they are the fungi par excellence of the province of Teruel, however there are many others, such as oyster mushrooms, black slugs, mushrooms and many others, it all depends on the place, but it is normal to find this type of mushroom.

The difficulty of the terrain sometimes does not allow us to find them, but it is true that it is very important to take into account the terrain and the type of existing pine, since in areas where the rain is not very small, the rebollón usually appears in areas of ravines or slopes, however in areas where the rain is much greater, the rebollón usually appears mainly in areas of backwater.

We recommend that you go well equipped to the mountain, with a knife, wicker basket, snack, food and why not, dinner, if it goes out on a good day and you catch many, it is best to enjoy it with the company.

It is also recommended to go with experts who understand mycology and mushrooms, since a bad guess can cause big scares, so in Degusta Teruel, we recommend the opinion of experts, since the similarity of inedible mushrooms often leads us to deception. and it is very easy to fall into it. Therefore, pay attention to the field and enjoy it.

There is a great variety of mushrooms that we can collect, but that we will name as the season goes by, for now, these are the known ones and the ones we refer to.

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