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Castle of Peracense

The Peracense castle is one of the most unknown castles in Aragon, but not only in Aragon, it is unknown in Teruel, its geography makes this castle unique in Teruel, because it is built on a unique piece of land.

This castle sits on a rock formation to the south of Sierra Menera, next to the San Ginés hill.

The height of the castle is approximately 1365 meters above sea level.

This fortress is divided into 3 concentric enclosures, these enclosures were built with the stone that gives its name to the town near the castle, that is, with rodeno.

This material is characterized by a reddish color that makes the structure of the castle different from others, this material be in It is found in the entire area of ​​the Peracense castle, leaving a beautiful view formed by the rocks that are found.

History of the castle

This place has been occupied in various stages after Christ, the castle that today is being carried out by conditioning and archeology tasks, makes it a place the only one through which various colonizers passed.

The first time the step would be noticed would be in the bronze age, this age indicates that the castle due to the ceramics that were found in it, very typical of the bronze age.

Later, and with more knowledge of the situation, the passage through this The castle would have been given in the 10th century, a time of Muslim denomination, here it would be reflected thanks to the ceramics found, but at no time are structures referring to this time seen.

Really and when it has important relevance it is during the Crown of Aragon due to the expansion of the Kingdom of Aragon it would be conquered in the year 1150, and it would have a strategic importance due to the position border between the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon and the lordships of Albarracin, Molina de Aragón and the Community of Daroca.

Becoming one of the strong points on the border with the Kingdom of Castile.


In 1988 the archaeological tasks began, directed by José Luis Ona, these have been parallel and complementary to the restoration works themselves.

It is currently visited by many people.


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