Discover the Black Friday gourmet 2024 offers

Black Friday 2024 Discounts

Black Friday 2023 is just around the corner and at Degusta Teruel we are excited to offer you incredible discounts in three different categories! From our highest quality hams to a variety of pork, deer and wild boar sausages that will leave you speechless. Plus, for those looking for the perfect gifts for the holidays, our Christmas bundles are also on sale. Get ready to savor the essence of Teruel with exclusive discounts this Black Friday! You won't want to miss it.

Teruel ham discounts

discounts black friday 2024 hams

This Black Friday, at Degusta Teruel, we open the doors to a world of flavor and quality with our offers on a wide range of hams. From the authentic Teruel Denomination of Origin hams, which carry with them the tradition and aroma of this region, through the gran reserva hams, with a curing process that highlights their unique flavors, to the Iberian and acorn-fed Iberian hams.

What really sets us apart is our commitment to quality and small producers. Our hams are cured naturally in rural companies located in towns with less than 2,000 inhabitants, under open windows, allowing the flavors to develop optimally. This not only guarantees exceptional flavor, but also results in low-salt hams, ideal for those who value a balanced diet.

And the best part? These Black Friday deals are an opportunity to delight yourself or surprise your loved ones with authentic gastronomic delights. Don't miss this opportunity to bring the excellence of Teruel to your table. Place your order now, receive it within 24 hours and discover the pleasure of the unique flavors of Degusta Teruel!

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sausage offers

discounts black friday 2024 sausages

This Black Friday, at Degusta Teruel, we want you to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with our incredible offers on pork, deer and wild boar sausages. Our selection is diverse and carefully crafted to satisfy the most demanding palates.

In the world of pork sausages, we highlight the unmistakable Longaniza de Aragón, with its traditional and authentic flavor, as well as the Salchichón with Mushrooms, a fusion of flavors that will surprise you.

If you prefer the deer sausages , don't miss the Truffled Deer Salchichón, a delicious combination that combines the softness of deer meat with the aroma and flavor of truffle.

And for lovers of strong flavors like boar sausage, our Wild Boar Chorizo is a perfect choice.

At Degusta Teruel, we are proud to offer a unique culinary experience, and these Black Friday offers are the perfect opportunity to explore and savor the richness of our artisanal sausages. Don't wait any longer to fill your table with authentic Teruel flavor!

christmas basket offers

discounts black friday 2024 christmas lots

At Degusta Teruel, Black Friday is synonymous with a wide variety of discounts on our exclusive Christmas packages. We know that each person has different tastes and budgets, which is why we have prepared a catalog of diverse and attractive Christmas packages so that you can find the perfect gift or enjoy a unique gastronomic experience this holiday season. From elegant options with gourmet products to more affordable and flavor-packed lots, we have something for everyone. Christmas baskets catalog 2023.

But that's not all. At Degusta Teruel, we offer you the possibility of completely customizing your Christmas batches. You can combine all the products in our catalog to your liking to create a truly unique gift and satisfy the most exquisite palates. In addition, our lots come presented in Christmas-designed boxes, making them the perfect gift for that special person. And for your convenience, we deliver directly to your home, so you can enjoy the magic of Teruel at your table without complications. Take advantage of these Black Friday offers and make this Christmas unforgettable with Degusta Teruel.

This Black Friday, at Degusta Teruel, we invite you to discover a world of flavors and opportunities. With discounts on high-quality hams, pork, venison and wild boar sausages, as well as an impressive range of Christmas bundles to suit all tastes and budgets, we've got everything you need to make this festive season truly special. The ability to personalize your gifts and the convenience of receiving them directly to your home make this offer even more tempting. Take advantage of these incredible Black Friday offers and fill yourself with the essence of Teruel in every bite. Don't wait any longer to turn your celebrations into unforgettable moments with Degusta Teruel!

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