Teruel Exists


Yes! Teruel exists, and so much that it exists, a population rich in gastronomic resources that today we bring it to know here.

Would you like to know more about Teruel , your cathedral and your torico ? Well read this post because you will love it ... We started!


Map of Teruel. First of all, where is Teruel?

Teruel is a city located in the south of Aragón , which is about 168km from the capital of Aragón and the sea Mediterranean at 140km.

This city is located between Zaragoza and Valencia, and has nearby provinces such as Cuenca, Castellón, Valencia, Zaragoza, Guadalajara and Tarragona.


Lovers of Teruel, prisoners of their smiles, are people what houses this wonderful land.

It gives off salty tears, it is euphoric rhythm, of tenderness and prestige to a land so dilated.

They are loves of summer, what their land forges, families for love left, for work they walk helpless.

Summers fill their villages, their mountains and their rivers, people return to their place, people return to where they were born.

People come out of the crowd, people are crazy, seeing that Teruel is not any city, and it becomes a unique city.

People's values ​​are transmitted, between shouts and screams, because they are the grandparents of the town, those who have the verdict.

Being a town is madness, when believing that being a husbandman can be tenderness. Blessed be the life, blessed be the soul, blessed be the people, that to the honesty calls looking at your face.

A unique land where Chomón , Buñuel was born, and an endless number of illustrious people who give life to this wonderful land, but, What does Teruel have? ? We will discover it


Teruel, province, counties and villages

Teruel is one of the most extensive provinces, as we have said before. It is the tenth largest province in Spain, and in turn one of the most unpopulated provinces, now called the Lapland of the South as the ratio of inhabitants per square kilometer does not reach 8 inhabitants per km2, a figure that is alarming.

The province of Teruel consists of 10 districts with great differences between them, the proximity to the sea of ​​certain regions make them richer, however, the regions of Teruel are the following;

        Bajo Aragón

       ► Bajo martín

       ► Andorra - Sierra de Arcos

       ► Gúdar-Javalambre

       ► Comarca del Jiloca

       ► Maestrazgo (Teruel)

       ► Matarraña

       ► Sierra de Albarracín

       ► Comunidad of Teruel

These 10 regions are divided into more than 230 villages in total, and most do not exceed 500 inhabitants, these people survive thanks to agriculture , and livestock.

Teruel is the province with the most beautiful villages in Spain, as well as being one of the provinces that have the most beautiful villages in Spain, also in a province that is well known for the dinosaurs, throughout the province there are great discoveries that contribute much to the visitor, since in Teruel has sought to unify all these findings in a theme park, fun called Dinópolis 

Teruel province

Most beautiful villages in Teruel

Most beautiful villages

Teruel is known for being one of the provinces with more beautiful villages, but hey, for us all seem pretty;) although it is true, that there are numerous villages in Teruel listed as most beautiful villages in Spain

In Teruel we would have the following:

         ► Albarracin

         ► Calaceite

         ► Valderrobres

         ► Cantavieja

         ► Rubielos de Mora

         ► Puertomingalvo

These 6 villages would be included in the most beautiful villages in Spain, however there are others that have its charm although this guide does not include them.

How we are seeing Teruel has a lot of attractions that encourage the visitor to stay a few days in the province of Teruel.

So if you are reading us and would like to visit the province but you have doubts about where to start visiting it, you have it easy, tell us what we will help you according to your travel preferences. Our next post we will try to talk about Teruel and we will tell you the guidelines to visit in Teruel capital

We hope that this post you have known a little more the province of Teruel.

Teruel, it's not just ham

Taste Teruel comes to publicize all the products that this land has, if it is true, that the star product, and by which we are known is the Teruel denomination ham but there are many products apart from this, those made of duck , the cheeses of Teruel and an endless number of products that we will get to know.

Do not hesitate to visit this beautiful province that has the best of Aragon.

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