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Sausages in ancient food

We are back with our blog, and with many things to tell you, today we have decided to talk about the old diet that still persists in our homes, pork products continue to be a reference in the daily diet of all the people in the family, sausages are not they want to abandon us, since its use for sandwiches makes sausages a star product at lunch.

From longaniza, through chorizo, salchichón and fuet, pork products are more deeply rooted than ever in our land, which is why a balanced diet with these products can provide us with great nutrients.

Where do sausages come from?

The ancient diet is still evident in our model of life, all this diet based on sausages and pork products It comes from many years ago, but it did have a greater impact in post-war times, difficult years where the family economy was based on sustenance from pigs and farm products.

The famous phrase, "I even like the way I walk about the pig" has to do with how profitable this animal was in the ancient diet , everything from the pig is used, to make sausages, ham and preserves.This was used to get through the cold winters since they are foods that provide a lot of calories, and they were of great help to be able to endure the cold of Teruel.

Ancient food, what does this term refer to?

It is difficult to explain this, since in the past food had to depend on many factors, location, products, temperature.

But it is normally called subsistence food referring to pork products, field products, soups, and preserves

  • Pork products; All kinds of sausages, ham, preserves, and everything that can be used from the pig, which by the way is the most useful animal that humans consume.
  • Farm products: lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, spinach, fruits
  • Soups: Products based on field products, and processed, bread soups, porridge
  • Canning: Cans to get through the bad seasons of all kinds of products.


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pork products

Pork products are very common in the Teruel diet, since we are the province that continues to keep intact the traditions and elaborations of pork products. A lot of work and a lot of suffering to get quality products that make the best palates taste. Among them the chorizo, the longaniza and especially the salchichón.

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