Tartufata sauce comes from Italy and is made with truffle, mushrooms, olive oil, garlic and herbs. It has a distinctive flavor and aroma and is normally used in gourmet cooking. It is used to season pasta, meat, salads... It is a rich and tasty sauce and adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to dishes that conquers the most exquisite palates.

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What is in the tartufata sauce?

What is in the tartufata sauce?

Tartufata sauce is made up of the following ingredients:

- Truffle: It is the main ingredient, it gives this sauce a distinctive aroma and flavor.

- Mushrooms: Another key ingredient, as it adds texture to the sauce and perfectly complements the flavor of the truffle.

- Olive oil: It is used to cook the mushrooms and to mix the sauce.

- Garlic: One of the most typical ingredients of Italian cuisine, it is used in this sauce to give flavor.

- Salt and pepper: They are used to season the sauce and enhance the flavor.

- Aromatic herbs: Also used to give flavor and aroma to the sauce, the most common are usually thyme, rosemary or parsley.

Uses of tartufata sauce

The tartufata sauce has a very versatile use, therefore it can be used in many recipes. Here we leave you our favorites:

- In paste

- In meats

- In risottos

- In pizza

- In sandwiches or sandwiches

- In slices of bread as a montadito

- In salads

- With potatoes

- In fish

Uses of tartufata sauce
How to store tartufata sauce

How to store tartufata sauce

We leave you some recommendations to get the most out of the tartufata sauce and prolong its useful life:

- The tartufata sauce should be stored once opened in the fridge to keep it fresh.

- It is recommended to consume the sauce within 2-3 weeks after its preparation

- Avoid freezing as it loses flavor and texture.

- Do not leave at room temperature.

- Every time the sauce is to be handled, clean utensils must be used to avoid cross-contamination with other foods.

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