In the 21st century, globalization and free trade have made it easier for us to have products from all over the world. Advances in production, transport and conservation levels have broken down geographic barriers and seasonality. Spanish gastronomy has benefited from this and has become accessible to a much larger international audience and also to those born in Spain who for one reason or another are in another country. Today it is possible to enjoy the aromas and flavors of Spanish food online .

In this publication we will talk about our online store in which we bring Spanish food to the European Union . The services we provide at Degusta Teruel serve countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Portugal . Products such as ham, sausages or wine are sometimes difficult to find in other countries, but it is common that they are presented at exorbitant prices, and that some everyday items are treated as culinary luxuries. Our virtual platform makes it easy to have a diet similar to what we could have in Spain, since you will not only find those gastronomic gems that are so coveted and exported but also basic food products.

Where to buy Spanish food online

Much more than gourmet

With a variety of more than 300 products , at Degusta Teruel we work with elements of all food groups from the garden to the sea. Thus creating a catalog that even with our gourmet vision, claiming the gastronomic value of the production of our region, we offer at affordable prices.

We work with products from the province of Teruel that have national and international renown. With shipments throughout the European Union, our website is translated into 7 languages, for France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. We try to be as accessible as possible. With shipments to the European Union in 48 hours , whose costs we offer free of charge from 100 euros . Another facility that we intend to give so that a greater public can enjoy our catalog.

We have created a whole series of lots both seasonal and fixed in our catalog, which make it affordable to buy varied assortments of products that carry all the flavor of our land, which so many long for when they are abroad. With promotions and discounts for special dates such as Christmas.

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Buy Serrano Ham Online

Ham continues to be the flagship of Spanish gastronomy.It is the most demanded product both by those Spaniards who are living outside the country, and by those who have concerns about Spanish food. The periods of isolation that we have lived through in 2020 have shown us how much one can miss home and how little things like the food we miss can help us deal with a difficult and uncertain situation, in addition to getting closer to our own.

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Where to buy Spanish food online
Where to buy Spanish food online

Buy Sausages Online

Pork is a fundamental piece in Spanish gastronomy. And it is that the pig is eaten until the gait. Sausages and pork products are something that is difficult to access economically in the rest of Europe. At this point we not only offer you pork sausage but also wild boar and deer. And it is that in Degusta Teruel we not only offer you the opportunity to buy the best artisan sausage at the best price , but we also open the range of possibilities to a variety of game sausages that will not stop surprising you.

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Buy Spanish wine online

Wine is something cultural, a glass of red wine can transport us to a sunny terrace in any corner of Spain. It is not surprising that it is another of the most demanded products in the rest of the European countries. You can find in our catalog an assortment of wines from our region, both white, wine and rosé.

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Where to buy Spanish food online

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