Select saffron detail 4gr

Select saffron detail 4gr

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Net weight: 4gr

Saffron collected in recent harvests.

Ideal for stews, pastas and paella.


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PRODUCT INFORMATION "selected saffron detail 4gr"

Great potential in its gastronomic use (Crocina "color", Picocrocina "flavor" and Safranal "aroma")

Very high quality, it has been collected in the last harvests and they are selected batches to maintain the high quality standard.

Quantity: 4gr

Plastic container

What is the select saffron detail 4gr?

The select saffron detail 4gr is a spice highly valued in all kitchens around the world for its flavor, aroma and color. It is obtained from the dried red stigmas of a flower commonly called saffron or crocus.

This spice is expensive due to the amount of labor used both in its production and in its collection.

At Degusta Teruel our saffron comes from Monreal del Campo, a town in Teruel.

Characteristics of the detail select saffron 4gr

The select saffron detail 4gr is characterized by:

- Color: this spice has a dark, intense red color that emerges from the dry stigmas of the flower. As it is immersed in liquid, such as hot water or broth, it releases a bright golden color that stains food.

- The aroma: Saffron emanates a distinctive and captivating aroma that is described as floral, earthy and slightly sweet. Its fragrance is intense and can fill the kitchen with its aroma during cooking.

- The flavor: Saffron has a unique and complex flavor. It is slightly bitter, with subtle honey notes and an earthy undertone. Its flavor is powerful, so only a small amount is required to add its distinctive taste to dishes.

- Chemical components: Saffron contains several chemical compounds that give it its properties and benefits. These include crocin, which provides the characteristic color, and safranal, which contributes to the aroma.

- Quality: The quality of saffron can vary depending on factors such as the variety of the flower, the place of cultivation and the drying process. High-quality saffron is characterized by thick strands, intense color, powerful aroma and long-lasting flavor.

- Limited use: Due to its high cost and intense flavor and aroma, saffron is used sparingly in cooking. Only a small amount is required to add flavor and color to dishes, making it a valuable and appreciated spice.

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