Garnacha red wine Do you lose weight? Uric acid?

Today the grape varieties in Spain are very wide, depending on the type of wine, in the next post we will talk about the different types of grapes that we can find both in Aragón , and in Spain.

The grape with which it works tastes teruel, is the Garnacha type grape, it is a very characteristic grape of the area since most from the vineyards collect this type of grape, it is widely used for our gourmet house wine and it is being one of the most valued in the market since it is very fruity and has a great flavor.

But, the red wine Grenache, does it lose weight?

According to many studies, a glass of wine before eating can make us lose weight, but not because of the wine itself, if not because you do not have that feeling of eating other types of food at dinner time, and this makes let our body notice it.

Red wine has alcohol with what it has calories that make us fat, but according to many studies a glass of wine allows us to have less anxiety about eating and therefore helps us lose weight. We are not dieticians but it is true that many people already apply it and it works for them.

Garnacha red wine, uric acid?

Uric acid is increased by different alcoholic beverages, when it is detected, it is indicated not to drink alcohol and take care of the diet so that it does not increase.

Red wine, if consumed moderately, does not increase acid uric actually helps control it. A glass of red wine a day is beneficial for health since it not only helps to take care of the heart but also to maintain adequate levels of uric acid, normally it is one of the few alcoholic beverages that are recommended to be taken since the others do increase the uric acid level. However, it must be taken with caution and in small quantities since it is the best way to control it and not have problems, you also have to drink a lot of tea water and coffee.

It is important that if you choose to drink some wine, let it be Grenache red wine and see how much alcohol it has

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